SYNDICATED: "Examining the Democrats’ Dilemma of 'This is More Important Than That,'" by Charlie Kirk.

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Charlie Kirk August 30, 2021

SYNDICATED: “Lloyd Austin: Poster-Child for the ‘Diversity Industrial Complex,’” by Charlie Kirk.

A “bureaucrat’s response to a military problem.”

Charlie Kirk August 23, 2021

Charlie Kirk: A Call to Action.

American freedom came at great cost—and courage—something we need to muster once again.

Charlie Kirk July 4, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Where Has the Party of Lake Wobegon Democrats Gone?

No longer the party of the "little guy," Democrats are now the party of "the man.”

Charlie Kirk June 17, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Hold That Vacation!

In 2021, conservatives need summer school.

Charlie Kirk June 4, 2021

Charlie Kirk: More Than Just Addictive, Smooth Screens Are Negatively Impacting Our Humanity.

Reflections from Erika and Charlie-Unplugged.

Charlie Kirk May 24, 2021

Charlie Kirk: “Defund the Police” is a Trojan Horse.

The REAL objective is a national police force.

Charlie Kirk April 30, 2021

Charlie Kirk: The USPS Is Making a List. Who Is Checking It Twice—and Why?

Of all places, the Post Office is now a threat to our freedom.

Charlie Kirk April 26, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Time To Stand Up for Tucker.

Attempts to cancel the Fox News host for speaking the truth must be rebuked.

Charlie Kirk April 15, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Time for a "Buycott"!

Americans need to take a positive step against woke corporations.

Charlie Kirk April 8, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Joe Biden Isn’t in Charge. Who Is?

The Biden press conference generated obvious concerns and one big question.

Charlie Kirk March 30, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Under Biden, “War on Citizens” Replaces “War on Terror.”

Halt! Who goes there?

Charlie Kirk March 20, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Bari Weiss Shines a Light on the Elite’s Well-Hidden Dissident Movement.

The former New York Times journalist educates us all on wokism with brilliant investigative reporting.

Charlie Kirk March 15, 2021

Looking To Understand American Politics in 2021? Aristotle’s Got Answers.

2,400 years later, his words still resonate.

Charlie Kirk March 9, 2021