Why are Americans 18-64 Dying? Nobody Knows - Does Anybody Care?

Speaking recently at a virtual news conference held for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Scott Davidson, the...

Charlie Kirk January 21, 2022

Zelenko Protocols for America - Live Like you Were Dying

Years ago, country & western megastar Tim McGraw had a hit song titled “Live Like You Were Dying.” ...

Charlie Kirk January 13, 2022

2021: Don’t be glad it’s over-be glad that it happened

Wherever I’ve gone over the past month, the recurring theme I have heard from people of all ages and all...

Charlie Kirk January 3, 2022

Democrats know Build Back Better represents a crowning achievement worth 2022 sacrifice

Joe Biden’s proposed Build Back Better (BBB) legislation is making its journey from the House, where it was...

Charlie Kirk November 24, 2021

Who is really behind the attacks on Kamala Harris? Likely the other woman who would be queen

Imagine what it must have been like for Kamala Harris this past Sunday evening to be scrolling through the...

Charlie Kirk November 17, 2021

New Jersey’s Edward Durr-The Truck Driver Who Just Provided Our Nation With a Teachable Moment

It is easy to look at the results of any one election cycle, or any one particular election, and be tempted...

Charlie Kirk November 5, 2021

An Antifragile Movement: Conservative Diversification and Enthusiasm Making Us Impossible to Stop

I am starting to see blue sky at the far edge of the American political horizon.  Make no mistake, the...

Charlie Kirk October 22, 2021

SYNDICATED: "Examining the Democrats’ Dilemma of 'This is More Important Than That,'" by Charlie Kirk.

In addition to its exclusive editorial content, Human Events Opinion features syndicated commentary from...

Charlie Kirk August 30, 2021

SYNDICATED: “Lloyd Austin: Poster-Child for the ‘Diversity Industrial Complex,’” by Charlie Kirk.

A “bureaucrat’s response to a military problem.”

Charlie Kirk August 23, 2021

Charlie Kirk: A Call to Action.

American freedom came at great cost—and courage—something we need to muster once again.

Charlie Kirk July 4, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Where Has the Party of Lake Wobegon Democrats Gone?

No longer the party of the "little guy," Democrats are now the party of "the man.”

Charlie Kirk June 17, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Hold That Vacation!

In 2021, conservatives need summer school.

Charlie Kirk June 4, 2021

Charlie Kirk: More Than Just Addictive, Smooth Screens Are Negatively Impacting Our Humanity.

Reflections from Erika and Charlie-Unplugged.

Charlie Kirk May 24, 2021

Charlie Kirk: “Defund the Police” is a Trojan Horse.

The REAL objective is a national police force.

Charlie Kirk April 30, 2021