Human Events Opinion accepts complete, original, 750–2500 word submissions.

We publish strong, informed commentary on current events and issues relevant to our readers. For best results, read Human Events. Use our  previously published editorials as a guide for styling your piece, and to get a sense of what we want from you. We want your voice, and we want you to stand behind your arguments. We value novelty and insight—if you are simply repeating an observation we’ve heard before, we are usually not interested.

Your submission should have a clear thesis that’s grounded in evidence: facts, citations, primary sources, quotes, and data from credible sources or your personal observations and expertise. We will do our best to fact-check your claims, but you bear the primary responsibility for the accuracy of your writing. If our editors find that a particular claim cannot be verified, we will not publish it, so cite the materials you rely on.

We are aggressive editors. Because we are selective with our published pieces, we can devote our time to ensuring that your final product is as good as it can be. If you recoil at the idea of having your work edited, either substantively or stylistically, Human Events Opinion is the wrong place to submit your piece.

We also compensate contributors for published articles. We recognize that making a strong argument and writing a great article takes time, and that our editing process is more rigorous than most, so if we publish you, we will pay you. Rates for published pieces range from $50 to $200, and will be finalized once your submission has been accepted.
 Human Events Opinion SPECIAL COLLECTIONS:
Special Collections feature editorial contributions that focus on a central theme, topic, or occasion. Some Collections are closed to future contributions; others are ongoing or open.

To submit, indicate in the subject line of your email which Collection you would like your piece to be considered for.

Current Calls for Contributions:

Call Closed: we are no longer accepting submissions for this special collection.

Call Closed: we are no longer accepting submissions for this special collection.
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