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‘Justice for J6’ Rally Highlights Evidence of Political Motives Behind Riot Prosecutions

Conservative activists and republicans have long used the term “political prisoners” to describe those...

Human Events Staff September 17, 2021

Random Acts of Federalism: Florida & Texas Governors Fight Back Against Fed Control-Negligence

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott are both again showing their willingness to stand up for...

Brent Hamachek September 17, 2021

Georgia Secretary of State Expects to be Subpoenaed by Jan. 6 Commission, Vows Not to Comply

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger expects that as early as Friday, he will be subpoenaed by the...

Human Events Staff September 17, 2021

Small Business Advocacy Group is Suing Biden Over Vaccine Mandate

A small-business advocacy group announced plans to sue the Biden administration over the Orwellian vaccine...

Human Events Staff September 17, 2021

Citizen’s Group Leads Campaign to Remove Voting Machines

This month, the New Hampshire citizen group Marigold Coffee Club launched a campaign to remove most, if not...

Brent Hamachek September 16, 2021

Prominent Cybersecurity Lawyer Indicted on Charge of Lying to FBI During Meeting on Trump, Russia

A prominent cybersecurity lawyer was indicted on a charge of lying to the FBI during a meeting about the...

Human Events Staff September 16, 2021

Roger Stone Served Legal Papers During Live Radio Interview

Former Trump advisor Roger Stone was served legal papers during a live radio interview for his alleged role...

Human Events Staff September 16, 2021

Amazon Blocks Ad for New Book Investigating BLM Leaders

In the latest example of Big Tech censorship, Amazon blocked an advertisement for a new book investigating...

Human Events Staff September 16, 2021

FDA Says Covid Vaccines Provide Enough Protection Without Additional Booster Dose

The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that vaccines provide enough protection against severe...

Human Events Staff September 16, 2021

Ohio Mayor Tells School Board to Resign or Be Charged with Child Porn Over Wildly Inappropriate Writing Prompts

An Ohio mayor confronted a school board over inappropriate writing prompts given to students in class,...

Human Events Staff September 16, 2021

CDC Warns Measles is Spreading Among Afghan Refugees

The CDC sent a private warning to the chief of Afghan evacuation operations detailing a measles outbreak...

Human Events Staff September 16, 2021

Former Pentagon Chief, Others Call for Milley to Resign...He Declines

Former acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller said Wednesday he did not authorize Gen. Mark Milley to...

Human Events Staff September 16, 2021