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Where's Kamala? Not At The Border

Governor Abbott of Texas has been working hard to fight crime, child trafficking and the overwhelming amount...

Staff Writer June 22, 2021

The Heart of the Matter - Covid Vaccine Reactions in Younger Patients

As the government analyzes heart inflammation in young people after COVID-19 vaccination, scientists are...

Staff Writer June 21, 2021

BREAKING: Dr. Peter Daszak Removed from Covid-19 Commission

Since the writing of our article earlier today on Dr. Peter Daszak, and his conflicts of interest regarding...

Staff Writer June 21, 2021

Lab Lies: A Conflict of Interest for Dr. Daszak

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been much debate about the origins, treatment and rushed...

Staff Writer June 21, 2021

A Storm Is Brewing: Project Veritas, Another Reporter Speaks Out Against Their Network

Last week Project Veritas had a reporter, Ivory Hecker, declare during a live hit that she was being...

Jack Posobiec June 21, 2021

Pay For Play - College Athletes Take A Victory Lap

The Supreme Court has been busy as of late with voting laws, immigration cases, religious liberty appeals and...

Staff Writer June 21, 2021

Outspoken Covid-19 Advocate for Prevention and Early Treatment Launches New Supplement

New York Doctor Vladimir Zelenko, the man who been treating high-risk Covid-19 patients and has reported an...

Brent Hamachek June 21, 2021

Texas Two Step - Governor Abbott Calls Democrats Bluff

With all of the controversy surrounding the border, Governor Abbott has also been dealing with his Democrat...

Human Events Staff June 21, 2021

Bishops Prepare Document That Could Deny Biden Communion

Catholic Bishops agreed Friday to prepare a document that would restrict Catholic politicians who support...

Human Events Staff June 18, 2021

Illinois Governor Signs Bill to Make Election Tampering Permanent Fixture

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker passed a law Thursday, expanding curbside voting and establishing permanent mail-in...

Brent Hamachek June 18, 2021

Wealthy Atlanta Suburb Files For ‘Divorce’ From City Over Skyrocketing Crime

The wealthy Atlanta suburb of Buckhead filed to secede from the city of Atlanta, blasting the mayor for the...

Jack Posobiec June 18, 2021

U.S. Naval War College Pushes Elementary-esque Lecture on Highly Debated Transgender Military Service

The U.S. Naval War College hosted a lecture titled “Transgender Military Service & Why It Matters,”...

Brent Hamachek June 18, 2021