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House Dems Shoot Down Bill Requiring Declassification of COVID Origins 

House democrats blocked legislation that would require the U.S. Director of National Intelligence to...

Human Events Staff July 23, 2021

Senate Bill Sets Sights on Taking Out First Amendment

In a move towards full government speech control, Sen. Amy Klobuchar introduced a bill Thursday that would...

Brent Hamachek July 22, 2021

Whistleblower Docs Reveal NASA Held 'Microaggressions’ Training

New whistleblower documents reveal that NASA held an “Understanding Microaggressions” training, where...

Human Events Staff July 22, 2021

Trump Issues Warning to Republicans on Democrat efforts to 'Completely Change America'

President Trump issued a warning to republicans Wednesday that democrats are trying to “completely change...

Human Events Staff July 22, 2021

China Refuses to Cooperate with WHO Plan to Audit Wuhan Labs, Accuses Agency of ‘Arrogance Towards Science’

China is refusing to cooperate with WHO plans to audit Wuhan labs to further investigate the origin of...

Human Events Staff July 22, 2021

Democrats Planning Civilian Climate Corps with Millions of Employees Paid $15 Per Hour

In efforts to eradicate climate change, a group of democrats are pushing to create a Civilian Climate Corps...

Human Events Staff July 22, 2021

U.S Women’s Soccer Team Loses at Olympic Opener After Kneeling for BLM

The U.S. Women’s soccer team took a knee Wednesday to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement....

Human Events Staff July 22, 2021

REVEALED: TikTok's Parent Company is a Strategic Partner of Chinese State Police

ByteDance, the owner of the explosive social media app TikTok, is in direct collaboration with the Chinese...

Jack Posobiec July 21, 2021

Don't Look, Trust Us: North Carolina State Board of Elections Denies Audit Request

The North Carolina Board of Elections denied a request to examine voting machines, citing overriding federal...

Human Events Staff July 21, 2021

Rand Paul to Seek Criminal Referral Against Fauci

In an update to a Human Events News piece earlier today, Sen. Rand Paul said that he will seek criminal...

Human Events Staff July 21, 2021

Show of Courage: Record Label Won't Cancel Patriotic Singer Aaron Lewis

Singer Aaron Lewis struck a sour chord with the left after releasing a song blasting liberals for trying to...

Human Events Staff July 21, 2021

International Olympic Committee Grants Cheerleading a Place in Olympic Games

This week, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially granted full recognition to the International...

Brent Hamachek July 21, 2021