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The Coming Conflicts and Biden’s Policy of Whine, Whimper and Blame

By Blaine L. Pardoe - New Contributor!  Our foreign policy problems began in August of last year with the...

Human Events Opinion January 21, 2022

House Republicans Demand FDA Withdraw Race-Based Guidance for Monoclonal Antibodies

A group of more than 24 House Republicans sent a letter Thursday to FDA Acting Commissioner Dr. Janet...

Human Events Staff January 20, 2022

M&M Will Revamp its Signature Characters to be ‘More Inclusive’

The maker of the mega-famous M&M’s candy announced that they will soon rebrand their signature...

Human Events Staff January 20, 2022

House Jan. 6 Inquisition Requests Ivanka Trump to Voluntarily Cooperate

The House January 6th Inquisition asked Ivanka Trump, her father’s former White House adviser, to...

Human Events Staff January 20, 2022

North Korea Considers Resuming Nuclear Missile Tests, Citing ‘Hostile’ U.S.

North Korea said Wednesday that it’s considering resuming nuclear and missile tests, citing a “hostile”...

Human Events Staff January 20, 2022

POLL: Less Than Half of Biden’s Own Party Wants Him to Run for Reelection

Only 48 percent of Democrats want Joe Biden to run for reelection in 2024, according to an Associated Press...

Human Events Staff January 20, 2022

FILI-BUST! Senate Democrats Fail to Change Filibuster & Pass Voting Legislation

Senate Democrats on Wednesday failed twice to pass their legislation to nationalize elections. The second...

Human Events Staff January 20, 2022

Some Companies Adjust Vaccine Policy Following Supreme Court Ruling, Others Hang on for Dear Life

Following last week’s Supreme Court ruling blocking a vaccine mandate for large employers, some companies...

Brent Hamachek January 20, 2022

Fascism: Socialism’s Smarter Brother

In recent years, American politics has been plagued with mutual assertions on both sides of the aisle that...

Jack McPherrin January 20, 2022

CDC Study Shows Prior COVID-19 Infection, Vaccines Protected Against Delta

According to a new CDC study released Wednesday, both prior infection and vaccination provided protection...

Human Events Staff January 19, 2022

Researchers Testing a COVID-19 Vaccine Patch

Researchers this month are testing a new COVID-19 vaccine patch that they hope will provide long-lasting...

Human Events Staff January 19, 2022

U.S. Murder Rates Skyrocket to Highest Level in 25 Years

Murder rates in the United States during 2021 soared to the highest level in 25 years, according to a recent...

Human Events Staff January 19, 2022