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What's Up in Ohio? State GOP May be Picking Winners and Losers Ahead of Time

The Ohio Republican Party has shelled out $870,968 to Gov. Mike DeWine’s reelection campaign since January...

Human Events Staff August 3, 2021

POLL: 58 Percent of US Voters Believe Jan. 6 Committee is Biased

A majority of voters believe that the House committee tasked with investigating the January 6 Capitol riot is...

Human Events Staff August 3, 2021

Congrats! It’s a…? American Medical Association Wants to Remove Sex from Birth Certificates

According to a June article published by Web MD Health News, the American Medical Association believes that...

Human Events Staff August 3, 2021

Trump Will Fight Release of Tax Returns

President Trump will fight any attempt by the Treasury Department to turn over his tax returns to Congress,...

Human Events Staff August 3, 2021

Sen. Lindsey Graham Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Vaccination

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina tested positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated, the lawmaker...

Human Events Staff August 2, 2021

BREAKING: New Congressional Report Says 'Preponderance of Evidence' Supports COVID Wuhan Lab Leak in Sept. 2019

According to a new bombshell Congressional report, a preponderance of evidence supports that COVID-19 leaked...

Human Events Staff August 2, 2021

China is Buying Up American Farms. Washington Wants to Crack Down.

In efforts to rid China of its economic influence on the U.S. economy, lawmakers are pursuing measures to...

Human Events Staff August 2, 2021

How Much Does Trump Have in the Bank to Influence 2022 Elections?

President Trump has a whopping treasure trove of more than $100 million, allowing him to play a significant...

Human Events Staff August 2, 2021

Let Them Eat Wedding Cake! DC Mayor Ignores Own Mask Mandate at Weekend Wedding

Whether it’s a wedding or birthday, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, a lesson D.C. Mayor Muriel...

Human Events Staff August 2, 2021

Manchin Rains on Dem’s Parade (Again), Won’t Change Filibuster

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia continues to rain on the democrat’s parade, indicating he still won’t...

Human Events Staff August 2, 2021

Biden DOJ Says Trump’s Tax Returns Must be Released to Congress

The Department of Justice Friday announced an update to the Trump witch hunt, requiring the IRS to release...

Human Events Staff July 30, 2021

BREAKING: Leaked CDC Slides Call for Universal Masks, Reinstating Mitigation Strategies, Vaccine Mandates for HCP to Stop Delta Variant

According to leaked slides, the Delta variant is more transmissible than Ebola, Smallpox and the 1918 Spanish...

Jack Posobiec July 30, 2021