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Ron ‘Rambo’ DeSantis Warns Hate Group Rioters: Don’t Draw First Blood in Florida

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a warning message for rioters: stay away from the Sunshine...

Human Events Staff May 11, 2021

STOP THE PRESS! New York Times Shocks Readers With Rare Piece of Honest Journalism

In a shocking piece of honest journalism - that could have been written by Human Events News - the New York...

Human Events Staff May 11, 2021

UMass Amherst Suspends Students for Being Maskless Outdoors, Off-Campus

In what can only be seen as an institutional disregard for science and a remarkable display of intolerance,...

Human Events Staff May 11, 2021

LIBERAL VS. LIBERAL: Bill Gates is NOT a Doctor

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Strong language used  In a hilarious spot-on video, Russell Brand mocks Bill Gates for...

Human Events Staff May 10, 2021

AUDIT UPDATE: Maricopa County Officials Refuse to Hand Over Routers to Arizona Senate

In the latest update from Maricopa County, local officials are refusing to hand over routers and claiming...

Human Events Staff May 10, 2021

SUIT & TIE: Bride-to-Be Files Lawsuit to End D.C. Ban on Wedding Dancing

Following a new COVID-19 restriction banning wedding dancing in Washington D.C., the Hamilton Lincoln Law...

Brent Hamachek May 10, 2021

FLIRTATIONSHIP? Frisky Texts Reveal Hunter Biden Relationship with Secretary

New Hunter Biden emails reveal a flirty relationship with his secretary who worked for him during his...

Human Events Staff May 10, 2021

ENOUGH! Plano Motorist Erupts Over BLM Mob Stopping Traffic

A video of a man angrily confronting BLM protesters in Texas is spreading through social media like...

Brent Hamachek May 10, 2021

Utah County Republican Party Censures Sen. Mitt Romney

The Repubican Party of Weber County, Utah censured Mitt Romney over the weekend for voting to convict...

Human Events Staff May 10, 2021

Hawaii Uses Climate to Control Citizens' Behavior

Hawaii, the state often considered one of the most incredible vacation spots in the United States, is now...

Human Events Staff May 10, 2021

Weightlifter to Become First Transgender Olympian, Threatening Female Athletes

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard is set to become the first transgender athlete to compete at an...

Human Events Staff May 7, 2021

To Tell the Truth: NBC Misleads Readers in Reporting of Transgender Book Story

To Tell the Truth is Human Events News’ press analysis series. These stories will focus on “news”...

Celine Ryan May 7, 2021