CHARLIE KIRK: Birthright citizenship was not enacted to facilitate illegal immigration–it's time to end it

Matt Gaetz has just proposed a bill to end birthright citizenship for the 400,000 children of illegals born in the US every year. Open Border radicals will cry racism and say it's unconstitutional. It's both perfectly legal and would simply keep America in step with the rest of the Western world.


No country in Western Europe offers birthright citizenship without exceptions like the U.S.

France did away with birthright citizenship all the way back in 1993.

Ireland was the last of the EU countries to abolish birthright citizenship in 2005.

New Zealand and Australia both banned birthright citizenship in recent decades.

The 14th Amendment guarantees citizenship to those born in the United States, "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof." It was written to overturn the Dred Scott decision, and ensure that freed slaves born, raised, and residing in America were made citizens.

The 14th Amendment was NOT written to reward illegals who flout our immigration laws by making it impossible to remove them. This is what the actual lawmakers who voted on the Amendment at the time made plain in their statements.

Why is the left so fanatical about keeping birthright citizenship? Well, as The Atlantic wrote a few years back, birthright citizenship is mostly found in the Americas because European powers established "lenient laws to attract immigrants and displace native populations in the New World..."

The legacy of birthright citizenship is one of displacing native populations. And that's still the purpose it serves for the left today.

Every Republican should get behind Rep. Gaetz's legislation. If they're not, they aren't serious about getting our border under control.

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