Zelenko Protocols for America – Live Like you Were Dying

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  • 03/02/2023

Years ago, country & western megastar Tim McGraw had a hit song titled “Live Like You Were Dying.”  The song’s story is that of someone in their early 40’s who received a very bad medical prognosis.  McGraw asks the man, “how it hits you, when you get that kind of news?”

The ill-fated character’s famous lyrical response was that he “went skydiving, Rocky Mountain climbing.”  He also reportedly rode 2.7 seconds on a bull named “Fu Manchu” (presumed mechanical).  The protagonist’s message was simple:  Someday I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, the courageous doctor who has successfully treated over seven-thousand Chinese coronavirus patients and who pioneered the use Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc as an early-stage enemy of the pandemic, is now living like he is dying but not in lyric; in reality.  Dr. Zelenko, or “Zev” as he likes to be called, has a rare and now-inoperable form of cancer.  He has defied odds for four years in surviving, but eventually with cancer, like with the house in Vegas, the odds have a way of prevailing.

What has Zev done since he got “that kind of news?”  Well, he didn’t go skydiving.  Instead, the doctor who has saved lives all around the globe through his treatment protocols and who, as a result, has become a nemesis of politicians, big pharma, health agency bureaucrats, and even his fellow physicians, has chosen a different activity in which to engage while he lives as he is dying.

In his early autumn, the middle-aged Zev has gone “truth telling,” and Americans who are living in a potentially terminally sick republic should be taking notes.

The quick sketch of Zev’s journey is that of a Ukrainian-born Jew whose family had lost roughly 40 members to the Nazi’s during WWII.  Eventually landing in America, he became a doctor and a practitioner of family medicine with a large devoted and trusting patient base.  When the Chinese coronavirus first arrived on the scene in early 2020, Zev, like others in his field, noticed the incredibly high rate of hospitalizations and death occurring.  This wasn’t the flu.  Unlike others in his field, Zev set out to find a way to treat patients and save lives.

It was through that process that he discovered the disease-defeating effect of combing HCQ with zinc and other medications and supplements and treating patients in very early stage.  There could even be some prophylactic benefits for higher-risk patients.  Problem solved!  The Chinese coronavirus could be treated effectively.  All he had to do was to get the word out.  Easy enough in these days of livestreaming and archiving of free content. He made a video, President Trump and his team became aware of the breakthrough success, and the President himself mentioned the apparent benefits of using HCQ, a plentiful, affordable, and a safe long-tested drug, against our latest Chinese import.

Then all hell broke loose.  There was no possible way that bureaucrats like the Andy Warhol-inspired Anthony Fauci were going to give up their 15 minutes of fame (and power).  There was no way that big pharma was going to be denied a way to make incredible amounts of money by letting this disease be treated by an existing and cheap antiviral.  There was no way that politicians around the country were going let a crisis go to waste, or go away, when it gave them a chance to micromanage the lives of citizens.

What’s more, the media was not going to let Donald Trump be “right” about anything, especially about ending a pandemic.  As for doctors?  A combination of their personal politics, fear of lawsuits, and pressure from their large medical groups not to treat patients early because they would become a profit center later if they became more seriously ill.

For their sakes and for those reasons, government, industry, politicians, media, and the medical community all acted in harmony to suppress the news of favorable treatment outcomes and vilify Zev.  Conspiracy?  Maybe, although you don’t necessarily need a conspiracy if everyone already agrees.  Either way, according to Zev on his truth-telling tour, that is the way this has played out and the conspiracy of the like-minded continues right through today.

The Dr., who often coughs painfully through an interview as a reminder of the reality at which he stares, doesn’t shy away from using words like, genocide and Nazi.  He isn’t hesitant in calling doctors and politicians mass murderers.  He speaks frankly about vaccine side effects like blood clotting, myocarditis, and miscarriages.  He makes a fact-based, sequential, and structured argument that the virus was purposefully engineered in China through gain-of-function research and with the assistance of other players, including Dr. Fauci.  He calmly labels the Chinese coronavirus as a deliberately made “bioweapon of mass destruction.”

These are his truths of which he freely speaks.  Already banned from social media, being frequently vilified by his peers, having his successful treatment method (over 7,000 patients treated, three deaths) largely ignored, and carrying the burden of cancer, Zev’s current approach can be summed up with the question:  What else can they possibly do to me?

In more common form, the question is, what do I have to lose?

Freedom loving Americans, those who believe in the spirt of the Declaration of Independence, the legal structures of our Constitution, and the sanctity of our traditions need to come to an understanding that those things which we hold dear are not just under assault, they are now being ravaged by the infectiousness of collectivism.  If left unattended, the condition can become terminal.  The disease, in fact, might already be so advanced that we cannot halt its progress.

It is time for Americans to live like they were dying.  It is time for them to tell the truth.  They need to tell it to others, and they need to tell it to themselves.  They need to say it in a loud voice, and they need to use strong and accurate language.  Euphemisms are for the young and hearty, not for the sick and dying.

Zev speaks of his cancer as though it is a gift given to him by God.  Having been first diagnosed four years ago, well before the pandemic, his having to confront his own inescapable mortality prepared him for what was coming in two ways according to him.  First, it taught him the need to experiment and try new things as he found himself doing in seeking out new treatments for his particular type of cancer.  As he puts it, “if there’s no answer, go find one.”

Second, staring death in the eye leads him to say, “When you think you are dying, and about to face God, you’re not afraid of any man.”

America as originally conceived by our Founding Fathers and as built over time by the genius and sweaty shirts of its citizens is facing a very serious diagnosis.  It is time for Americans who want to live free before they die to decide how they want to spend their time.  It’s time for you to decide.  You could go sky diving.

Or, perhaps, you could channel your inner Doctor Vladimir Zelenko and simply start telling the truth.  Call our enemies what they are and confront them with all the required candor and resolve.  America’s seemingly terminal illness might well be brought into remission, but not without being aggressively treated with truth and activism.

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