On the Sidewalks of New York: Public Schools Have Become a Monster’s Ball

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  • 03/02/2023

On the Sidewalks of New York is a weekly feature at Human Events wherein Jacqueline Toboroff, a native New Yorker, will share her observations and candid commentary on the goings-on in our nation’s largest city. Wherever you live, and whatever you feel, there is no escaping the fact that New York City matters.

Some kids don’t belong in a mainstream school. No amount of Federal funding reconciles this hard-to-swallow truth now going on fifty years. Ignoring reality has resulted in a lost generation or two or more. Crime, poor quality of life, and employment woes are reverberating byproducts.

Public schools are broken. This is because a radical teachers union (99.9% of its donations go to candidates on the Left) promotes CRT. Pushing racism and sexual exploitation of children instead of core curriculum explains the educational deterioration. While CRT is also prevalent in private schools, public schools suffer from an additional affliction; animalistic behavior amongst some malignant members of the student body.

Forgiving the unforgivable is why the violence and moral turpitude has radiated, impacting all of life’s cornerstones.

Within school, menacing students create unsafe spaces for everyone. No teacher can remedy what is learned at home.

A video of a young child in underwear hitting a Minnesota police officer repeatedly, calling the cop a “b——h”, has gone viral. The demon tells the officer’s colleague to “shut the f——k up” and screams, “shut up b—h.” Bystanders encouraged the child and hurled racist slurs at the police. Imagine this lunatic family in school.

Teachers are meant to teach. Not act as wardens, de facto punching bags, or misinformation fountains.

Like a prairie fire, problem students’ issues spill out onto the streets, into the subways, and throughout the workforce. Business owners are left in a lurch with a limited pool of talent. Then, because of the general breakdown and embrace of lower standards, employers are faced with the grim prospects that incoming hires will still be unable to assimilate to civilized society - and these are the graduates that haven’t threatened to blow up a school or knife a teacher. We see many businesses reliant upon skilled employees, not wishing to hire thugs, fleeing the precincts of Illinois, California, and New York.

What no one is talking about on either side of the aisle is this; some students are irredeemable monsters. They pose an unnecessary threat to the entire school and business community. The percentage of monsters in school is higher than the percentage of kids hospitalized with COVID-related illnesses. Yet, neither the government nor educators mandate schools shut down as they did with the lower threat of COVID.

As per the NY Post, an educator teaching at a “troubled Bronx high school” says, “we have less than 400 students — it’s maybe…10 kids, tops, causing all the chaos. But those kids can really do true damage.” This means .025% of students at this Bronx high school are dangerous, tanking the prospects of everyone in their wake. They’re violent and the taxpayer money going towards their education is a flagrant waste. Compare this with the less than 4,500 people out of 73,000,000 population under the age of 18 who were hospitalized in all of America with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID which equates to .0006% of children hospitalized with COVID.

The veteran teacher detailed “the ultra-violence that hands-off policies have wrought.”  This isn’t unique to the “troubled” Bronx high school but emblematic of myriad public schools, specifically in urban cores under Left government rule.

A 14-year-old boy was stabbed outside I.S. 49 in Staten Island. A 17-year-old male student in Harlem Prep Charter School had a firearm in his backpack. A 15-year-old boy threatened “violence” against Commack Middle School in Suffolk County and was charged with making a terrorist threat and second-degree aggravated harassment. A 13-year-old boy threatened to shoot up Westhampton Beach Middle School. And brothers who are 10 and 14-years-old just beat to death a 73-year-old man in Philadelphia- and turned themselves in at 2:38am (a time normal children are in bed sleeping, not out murdering).

“Suspensions in New York City public schools are plummeting as the Department of Education pursues a woke push to soften school discipline under the banner of ‘restorative justice,’” as per the NY Post.

Troubled kids from troubled homes understand; breaking rules not only warrants little to no punishment, it’s rewarded with passing grades, the ability to continue terrorizing, and a backward insistence that the menace is the victim. The veteran teacher goes on to say, “We’ve always had problem kids, but recently it’s really gotten out of control. One incident… could have been a bloodbath: a gang altercation in the middle of the hallway, in the middle of the school day. One kid pulled a boxcutter and just started slashing..”

The teacher then implies that the menaces exceed 8 to 10 students; “Teachers are constantly getting verbal threats from students when we just ask them to follow basic school rules. A few weeks ago a female colleague asked a student to put his phone away during class. He told her, ‘I know where you live. I’m coming after you.’ The woman was so frightened she had to call a family member to come and escort her home…None of those kids were suspended.”

The culture created by the government and the teachers' unions in response to BLM is mainstream. It’s nearly impossible to reverse. The gross failure of both the government and educators to set standards and demand accountability doesn’t merely hurt the demon students but the good students, hardworking teachers, extended staff trying to earn a living, and the community at large.

The veteran teacher says, “there’s no accountability for any bad behavior. It’s this culture of sweeping things under the rug. And the kids know it. ‘I can say whatever I want, I can do  whatever I want, and there really are no consequences.’ All we can do is hope these kids will get transferred out and we can regain a sense of calm. A ‘safety transfer’  just means the kid gets assigned to a different school – any school that has an empty seat. And when they say ‘safety transfer,’ we don’t know if the kid coming to us is a perpetrator or a victim. So the troublemakers just become the next school’s problem. It’s a revolving door. The message we get from higher-ups is that it’s the teachers who are in the wrong – like, ‘What could you have done to trigger this?’ Or, ‘You can’t relate to them.’ It’s never, ‘maybe this student can’t be here.’  It’s never ‘this behavior should not be allowed,’” as per the teacher interviewed by the NY Post.

So, what’s the solution?  Zero tolerance for violence. Just get rid of them; these kids are predators on the streets anyway. Let the police deal with them. Holding the majority hostage to the minority must stop.

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