HORRIFIC: Hamas militants line up and taunt bloodied female Israeli soldiers on Oct 7: 'Here are the girls who can get pregnant'

Newly released video footage of Hamas militants abducting young Israeli women shows the bloodied captives being taunted by the terrorists who said things like "you're so beautiful" and "here are the girls who can get pregnant." The footage was recorded from one of the body cameras of a Hamas terrorist on October 7 and released by the hostages' parents, per Daily Mail.

The women seen in the video, Liri Albag, 19, Naama Levy, 19, Daniela Gilboa, 20, Agam Berger, 19 and Karina Ariev, 19, were the 5 youngest women taken as hostages on the day of the attack and remain in Gaza more than 7 months later.

The video was edited and censored to exclude scenes too graphic for viewers, but still shows the young women terrified and covered in blood, attempting to communicate with their captors. Another cut shows the injured women being piled into a vehicle by the Hamas terrorists. One woman had to hop on one foot as she was dragged to the car.

They were reportedly taken from the Nahal base along the Gaza border where they were observers completing their mandatory national service.

The video begins with one militant yelling "You dogs, we will step on you" while the women are lined up against a wall with their hands zip-tied behind their backs. Their faces are pressed against the wall. The next clip shows one of the captives, identified by Daily Mail as the teenager who volunteered for Palestinian charities saying "I have friends in Palestine." Another says she speaks English in an attempt to communicate with the militants, however one abruptly screams, "I want you quiet! Quiet!" before telling them to sit down.

"Our brothers died because of you, we will shoot you all," a terrorist is heard yelling in the next clip. The video then cuts to a pan of all the women sitting against a wall, looking defeated, with one lifelessly lying in front in Snoopy pajamas. The video cuts to the terrorists performing an Islamic prayer ritual in front of the women.

"Here are the girls who can get pregnant," a militant says in the next clip. "You are so beautiful," he says to the teen in the Snoopy pajama pants who is now sitting up with blood all over her head and face. She briefly looks at the man and looks down.

Image: Title: hostages