Israelis were violently raped by Hamas terrorists in front of family members on Oct 7: report

A graphic report has revealed that Hamas terrorists violently placed knives and grenades in Israeli rape victims’ genitals during the Oct 7 massacre and executed other victims after gang raping them in front of their own families.

A report submitted to the UN on Wednesday from the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ARCCI) stated that women, children, and men suffered “sadistic” sexual violence both during the invasion of Israel and as hostages of Hamas. 

According to the report, “Many cases involve heinous attacks on women and girls, including a case of hiding a knife in a genital organ. The brutal practices used on October 7, such as genital mutilation of girls, women, and men, shooting, and weapon insertion, were designed to destroy and inflict sadistic terror.”

Hamas terrorists “hunted young women and men who fled the Nova festival” and “dragged them by their hair amid screams,” according to the report, and many of the victims were killed “after or during the rape.”

One witness said: “There were girls there whose pelvises were simply broken from being raped so much,” and men were found with their appendages cut off and bullet wounds that were aimed toward their genitals.

Those who assisted in the rescue and recovery of the bodies told the ARCCI that “many bodies arriving partially clothed or unclothed” had “heavy bleeding from the pelvic area and mutilation of genital organs.”

Weapons were found in women’s genitals including nails, knives and grenades. Some of the bodies were even “booby-trapped.”

According to the report, approximately 90 percent of the sexual violence victims were “raped in front of an audience, such as partners, family, or friends, to increase the pain and humiliation for all present.”

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