Militants attack humanitarian aid pier off Gaza coast built to help Palestinians: report

On Wednesday, terrorists in Gaza fired mortars at a pier construction site that was being built for humanitarian aid off the coast of Gaza, reports i24 News.

The attack damaged American engineering equipment and injured one person who was running to a protected area.

It's unclear which terror group fired mortar shells at the pier from Gaza.

In order to channel further humanitarian aid that would come by sea, the United States started constructing the floating pier. President Joe Biden revealed the strategy in March during his State of the Union speech, asserting that there would be "no US boots on the ground."

There hasn't been a formal announcement regarding where the relief will come from, but the IDF will most likely be in charge of overseeing the distribution of aid that passes through the pier and making sure it is secure, the outlet reports.

Palestinians in Gaza have issued repeated complaints about not receiving humanitarian aid reportedly necessary for their survival, accusing the Israeli government of deliberately impacting their ability to get aid. However, the Israeli government rebuked those claims and blamed the Palestinian people's struggles on the terror group, Hamas, who they have accused of stealing aid and blocking routes to get to the aid.

Image: Title: Gaza Annex


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