JACK POSOBIEC: The Never Trump movement has LOST—now get out of our way, we’ve got a country to save

Jack Posobiec opened his show, Human Events Daily, Friday with a bombshell Reuters poll that reports Donald Trump is up from Joe Biden 41 to 35 in the swing states which are comprised of Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Nevada.

On Thursday, he predicted that internal polling was not in Biden's favor due to recent actions from the Democratic Party including two op-eds being dropped the same day from both The New York Times and the Washington Post, calling on Biden to not run again—both over concerns he could not beat Trump. The national poll from Real Clear Politics and Friday's Reuters poll proves that to be true.

Of Biden, Posobiec said “They don't want him as their standard bearer anymore, but he won't leave.”

He called on Republicans to “Stand firm in the house. You need to push harder you need to fight for these subpoenas.”

He then went on to analyze President Trump’s interview with Megyn Kelly in which he discussed his accuracy about Covid being the fault of China and the need for accountability from the CCP, his stance on gender issues and the fact Trump banned trans in the military back in 2017, before delivering a scathing call-to-action to his viewers:

“Donald Trump is a billionaire. Donald Trump has had a charmed life. That goes without saying. He doesn't need this. He doesn't need this fight. He doesn't need this aggravation. He could just walk off. He could go play golf every single day for the rest of his life if he wanted to."

He continued, “And you know what? I think we all know that the charges, the indictments would all go away if he decided to just take his bag and go home. But he's not. This is a fight that he's in for the long haul. This is not a fight for him.”

“He is a stand-in for the frustrations of the people of this country. The people of the middle class, the people of the working class, the people of the Midwest, the people of the South, the people who had to be evicted from their homes on Christmas Eve in Flint, Michigan, because the factory was moving overseas, because they were going to get parts from China, because they were going to get parts from Mexico.”

“Well, what happened to the families what happened to the people who lost their jobs and then couldn't afford their home anymore? ‘Screw you’ was the message that they got from General Motors. ‘Screw you’ was the message that they got from the McCain’s and the Romney's and the Paul Ryan’s.”

“And so that's our message back to all of you. We're done with you. We're putting you on the ash heap of conservative history, classical liberalism has failed. It has completely been devastated and the NeverTrump movement has now been completely usurped by the populist movement of MAGA, America-first, and it is never going away.

“Even one day, five years from now, six years from now, ten years from now, after Donald Trump finishes his rightful second term in office, this movement will still be ascended. This movement will be the movement leading the party.”

“And so if you want to be riding that wave with us, then come along. I'm more than happy to have you with us."

“But I'm getting awful sick. I'm getting awful sick of the people who sit there with a straight face and deny reality when it is staring at them. You have lost, you are done. This is over. It's not even a conversation anymore," Posobiec concluded.

“And I want to save this country, for our people, for our children, and for our future and you are currently standing in our way. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

Image: Title: Poso Trump