KENNY CODY: Despite establishment GOP sabotage, Trump is still the most electable candidate

Since 2015, the year former President Donald Trump made his foray into politics, the establishment wing of the Republican Party has made nonsense arguments about how 'unelectable' Donald Trump was. His supporters heard excuses that Trump was too bold, aggressive, and now, too alienating to Republicans and independents to be elected. The elite wanted a more polite, controlled man to be the nominee in 2016. They are tempted to do the same for the GOP Presidential Primary in 2024, so donors are attempting to buy and own candidates such as Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. But just as Trump always has, he is proving them wrong in every facet to the public.

After 2020, many anti-Trump neoconservatives thought it would be the perfect opportunity to return to the Bush-era version of the Republican Party. The same elites that propped up leaders like Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake, and John McCain now wanted to have their puppets for 2022 like Joe O'Dea to fund. Meanwhile, pro-Trump GOP nominees like Joe Kent in Washington, Blake Masters in Arizona, and Herschel Walker in Georgia were all left to dry by the GOP on purpose, so if they lost, they could blame it all on Trump.

The elitist wing of the GOP establishment saw an opportunity in failure and sabotaged their own party's victories to take down the man who had brought them back to the dance in the first place. They gave up the opportunity to have a stranglehold power on the House of Representatives and a majority in the U.S. Senate solely to attempt to lay blame at the feet of Donald Trump. However, as they continue to do, they have failed repeatedly to try and silence the America First Movement.

Ron DeSantis became the next anti-Trump prop that neoconservatives decided to king. While DeSantis copied Trump in style, governance, and tone, the establishment got to his campaign to encourage him to challenge Trump for the GOP's 2024 nomination. Many anti-Trumpers thought DeSantis's challenge would be closely contested and that it would be Trump's most significant Republican rival during his political tenure.

What proceeded to happen, however, was arguably the most considerable waste of money, a political career, and hope for a candidate in the history of the Republican Party. DeSantis dropped nearly fifteen points in GOP polling before he announced, and his campaign has continued to falter. He has fallen to fourth place in some New Hampshire and South Carolina polls and barely held third place above Vivek Ramaswamy, a political newcomer. Even after the first 2024 GOP Presidential Debate, which Trump himself did not even attend, DeSantis had zero big moments that convinced any Republican in the country to leave Trump behind to vote for him instead and could not even snag the spotlight from candidates such as Vivek or Nikki Haley. DeSantis will not be the 2024 GOP nominee, and he has likely ruined his future because he listened to the same losers who controlled the party before Trump.

As well as the GOP's attacks on Trump, the public has seen even worse atrocities by the leftist weaponization of the federal government and the American judicial system against him. In the last five months, Trump has been indicted on bogus charges by blue state, Soros district attorneys, and Biden's Department of Justice. A phone call protected by the First Amendment, a documents case in which he performed the same actions every predecessor before him had done, an 'insurrection' charge the DOJ is using tweets to justify, and a nonsense falsifying records charge in New York that even leftists have called weak is all Trump has been targeted with by the progressive left solely to get him off of the ballot.

They thought they could get his poll numbers to drop in the GOP primary or weaken him when he advances to the general election. Again, he proved them wrong. Trump is now consistently polling at a higher rate than he ever has in his political career over Joe Biden, and they are all terrified.

Trump is now more electable than ever in his political career because of what the deep state has attempted to do to him. At no point in American political history has a movement standing behind a man like the people of the United States are getting behind Donald Trump, which is why they are trying to ruin him.

‘Electability' is not why anyone is choosing not to support Trump, because he is the GOP's best chance in 2024.

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