AUSTIN PETERSEN: Speaker McCarthy casts the die and opens Biden WH impeachment inquiry

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced today that he has opened an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

In a decisive move that further highlights concerns over potential corruption within the Biden administration, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the opening of a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden. McCarthy states, and rightly so, that there are "serious and credible allegations" regarding President Biden's conduct. Such concerns cannot be brushed aside, especially when they hint at a disturbing pattern.

The background to this is tied, in part, to Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. The Wall Street Journal has shed light on these transactions, which notably increased as Joe Biden left the vice presidency. While the White House maintains President Biden's innocence and involvement, the sheer depth and timing of these allegations make them difficult to overlook.

The NYT correctly noted that McCarthy has been facing grumblings from the Right, who think he hasn’t done enough to fight Biden’s agenda. The multiple rounds of voting required to make him the Speaker initially should have been a sign that the conservative wing of the party wanted an activist Speaker, and not a clone of McConnell in the Senate who’s been working hand in hand with the Biden administration to shovel cash to Ukraine.

Leading the inquiry will be Rep. James Comer, alongside stalwarts like Rep. Jim Jordan and Jason Smith. McCarthy's decision underscores the importance conservatives place on transparency and accountability in government.

Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland, on the other hand, responded to the inquiry with the same kind of disingenuous concern trolling that Leftists always use.

“Instead of working on legislation to promote the common good or even just keep the government running,” Mr. Raskin said, “House Republicans are weaponizing their offices and exploiting congressional power and resources to promote debunked and outlandish conspiracy theories about President Biden.”

Yes, that’s right. The Democrats’ narrative is that this is merely a bid for political revenge. Never mind the multiple House committees already digging deep into associated investigations, particularly the House Judiciary Committee's inquiry into potential biases within our own Justice Department and FBI; those don’t count. Evidence isn’t evidence unless the “experts” with degrees in underwater basket weaving and queering Harry Potter fanfiction say it is.

Granted, Republicans themselves are divided on the next steps, and there is room for a great deal of healthy debate on that topic. But one thing is clear: seeking the truth and upholding the integrity of our nation’s highest office is not a side gig. Nothing matters more than ensuring that our leaders serve the American people with undivided loyalty.

In these times, as Rep. Nancy Mace aptly puts it, the question isn't just about opening the inquiry. "There's a difference between an impeachment vote and an inquiry. The inquiry would give us another tool in the toolbox, specifically Joe Biden's bank records. If we can connect the dots and show people where the bribery and laundering allegations stand, that is a way to do that," Mace said.

For conservative Republicans who have been pushing for justice in light of such evident corruption in the Biden administration… the ball is in motion. But more than that the American people deserve clarity on just how much influence peddling the current president engaged in and whether it did or may still currently compromise the American economy, democratic processes, or national security. If he is exonerated, so much the better. But given how both parties are reacting to this news, I think we all know where the expect the chips to fall.

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