JACK POSOBIEC and DARREN BEATTIE: Democrats are 'hitting the panic button' on Joe Biden

Jack Posobiec invited Darren Beattie on his podcast Thursday to give his take on the diminishing relationship between Democrats and Joe Biden as they await his decision to run for a second term.

Posobiec began by restating his thesis “that [Democrats] are hitting the panic button because they want the Bidens out [of the White House].” He noted it was clear to him that “the plan was for Biden to have already announced by now that he was not going to be running again, like we just saw with Mitt Romney.”

He reminded his viewers that Democrats have access to internal White House polls before Republicans do at the moment and that is why they are seeing a “flurry of information.”

He noted they are probably seeing that “Donald Trump, now nationally, in Real Clear Politics, is leading the national average of polls. This has never happened before. This is the poll of polls, where Trump is actually head in with the national vote.”

Posobiec pointed to Hunter Biden’s indictment, Joe Biden being in Vietnam on 9/11 and Hillary Clinton appearing again on MSNBC suddenly as indicators of why Biden is down in the polls.

Beattie gave his response: “Yes, it certainly looks like that's the dynamic that's unfolding. And I think, you know, who knows what's been going on behind the scenes, but there was always this sense that Biden's senescence could catch up to him and that, given his public blunders, just the very notion of him running for president again, let alone serving a second term is simply untenable, even to the most committed party devotees.”

“And in fact, my understanding is, the latest polls among Democrats reflect the notion that the Democrats think he'll be the next nominee, but very few of them want him to be the next nominee and don't consider him really a viable option for obvious and perfectly understandable reasons.”

“And so that in combination with Trump's recent polling, I think, is a real wake-up call. And the panic switch has always been connected to the hunter issue, it's always been connected to the possibility of indictments.”

Beattie agreed with Jack’s take that “it's all about convincing Biden to do it. And in some ways, there's kind of an inherent tension between these two approaches, because the more the imminent possibility of criminal trouble, legal trouble, criminal liability is for the Biden family, the more Joe, the big guy, is going to want to cling on to the power of the pardon.

He elaborated that “the more threatened [Biden] feels now, the less likely he's going to want to step down because he may need to exercise partisan power to save, if not himself, then certainly his son.”

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