CHARLIE KIRK: The Democrats have a massive machine of tech companies, media, non profits to help them win elections

Charlie Kirk began his podcast on Wednesday with a refresher for his audience on presidential campaigns and elections before tying it all together to illustrate the “oligarchy of elections” that the Democrats have now created to combat the need for qualified candidates.

He described how the left has created a “plumbing” system to support their weaker candidates, pointing to John Fetterman as an example, and likened the system to a major corporation trying to limit risk.

There are "far too many questions" involved in "candidate quality and candidate selection."

“So therefore, they create a machine where even if John Fetterman has a stroke, and he can't speak, they're still able to get him ‘elected’ because they chase pieces of paper, they micro-target it.”

Tools for Technocrats, Not Citizens: Today's Political Tech Industry

Kirk referenced the image above, placed on the screen: “This goes to show the how many different organizing tools, volunteer deployment, voter contact, research, data analytics and modeling, voter engagement, volunteer and activist mobilization, fundraising, movement, wide messaging and media companies and nonprofits that exist on the left.”

Kirk described the system, which is referenced as a 'Political Technology Industry Landscape' in the image, as an oligarchy built by the DNC amongst hundreds of other Democrat groups.

“And Republicans have nothing even close to this,” he added. "This is what [the Democrats] are betting on in 2024."

He criticized Republicans for caring too much about the intricacies of candidate selection.

"This is why we are not successful far too many times, because they build this incredible...and impressive ecosystem.”

Kirk went on to explain the significance of David Ignatius, a top Washington Post columnist who he described as “the top of the funnel of the American ruling class Zeitgeist narrative war,” declaring that Joe Biden should not run again in 2024.

Kirk explained that the piece he wrote was contrived and intentional because “Everything in life has limits, including the Democrat political machine.”

“Even that machine is beatable with a candidate that weighs you down so, so, so, so much,” Kirk noted, referencing Joe Biden.

Image: Title: PTI Landscape