CHARLIE KIRK: The Atlantic declares Trump guilty until proven innocent, proposes use of 14th Amendment to ban him from ballot

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  • 08/21/2023

Charlie Kirk slammed the dramatic article dropped by The Atlantic on Saturday that suggests Trump should be barred from running due to the 14th Amendment.

The Atlantic article is essentially proposing to use Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, also known as the often overlooked "disqualification clause" which includes "that all officials who ever swore to support the Constitution—as every officer, state or federal, in every branch of government, must—and who thereafter either “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the Constitution... are automatically disqualified from holding future office and must therefore be barred from election to any office.

Kirk reminds his audience that he “warned you that they’re going to use the 14th amendment in the United States constitution… We’ve said that before and the media attacked us for saying it to try to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.”

He then goes on to quote the Atlantic reading, “Understand that the people that are pushing forward our democracy…” and quickly points out the use of the term “our” democracy, noting that it’s “very possessive as if they own it. And remember we are a republic, not a democracy.”

“Every time you hear our democracy, replace it with 'our oligarchy.' That’s really what they mean,” Kirk expands, “…our autocracy is under attack, our shadow government is under attack.”

The Atlantic article attempts to prove Donald Trump guilty until proven innocent. What it is truly revealing is that the Democratic Party, the “party of voting,” is worried that voting in the 2024 elections will not go their way. Despite Trump facing four indictments and 600 years in federal prison, the data shows that those indictments may in fact be contributing to his success in the Republican primary and general election. 

Kirk details his experiences traveling and getting into debates with “members of the American ruling class” who are not fans of Trump.

“And they say Donald Trump cannot win the general election. You have to get that out of your head. Will he? I don’t know. Is the deep state going to prevent him? Without a doubt. Is he the favorite?” Kirk concludes, “No, but you have to dismiss this very shallow, banal one-liner of saying ‘he can’t.’ Not true.”

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