On the Sidewalks of New York: Long Necks

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  • 08/25/2022

There are two groups of people in New York City.  The Short Necks that have not left the year 2020, still eat, sleep, and breathe President Trump, rely on the New York Times, worship the CDC, and don’t recognize the Biden AdministrationThen, there are the Long Necks. We recognize Biden is in the White House, don’t like it, but are pragmatic, strategic, and are able to move on with life.  We fight inflation, exercise critical thinking, raise families, dress and act appropriately in civil society, follow the rule of law, science, math, English definitions, and dodge bullets, sucker punches, and smash and grabs as best we can.

The Long Necks are in the midst of a hostile takeover no matter how many bumps in the road we navigate.  It’s not going to be subtle, small, or short lived.

Around 12 million years ago, giraffes with short necks became extinct.  Their necessary sustenance, a type of leaf, was only available on higher tree branches.

Darwin’s theory of evolution, that all species and organisms go through a natural selection in order to compete, survive, and reproduce, is attributed to the Long Necks‘ survival, both pertaining to the giraffes that made it 12 million years ago and to the people fighting, adapting, and reproducing in present day.

Democrat states and cities, like New York City, are home to many Short Necks.  Because Short Necks are distracted, ill equipped, and unable to see over the trees and through the forest, they’re about to become extinct.  Conflicted by basic English, torturing textbook definitions of “empathy”, “law enforcement“, “parent”, “sanctuary”, and “education”,  finite resources are drained guaranteeing their own demise.

Pertaining to education, this is how the battle of Short Necks versus Long Necks is playing out.  Democrat voters and those too lazy to get to the polls elected New York City Mayor Adams.  His lifelong friend, David Banks, was made Chancellor of Education. Under their watch, public schools have “hemorrhaged” (their own words).  A Long Neck examines why - usurping of parental rights, rampant crime, the injection of CRT which embraces racism and sexual exploitation of children, and a meritless system whereby passing grades and graduating school is effectively worthless.  The Short Necks’ platform is the sole reason for outmigration from New York City and all other Democrat bastions.  Long Necks have made alternate plans; relocation, private and religious schools, and homeschooling.  Defensive and emotional, Short Necks double down on failure.   New York City taxpayers spend $28,000 per public school student annually.  The prize is being in the bottom half of the country for reading and math.  Now, the Short Necks have saddled themselves with an additional burden entirely of their own making; illegal migrant kids.

Nothing is linear and no issue exists in a bubble.  A force multiplier ensuring public school’s further demise is Mayor Adams is welcoming illegals. Chancellor Banks brags about absorbing them into the failed New York City public school hole.  A Long Neck asks, “Are the illegals literate?” “Will ‘lower school and middle school’ aged illegals, largely from South America, the Mid East, and Africa, go into the grade corresponding with their age or be placed with younger children posing a potential security risk to both students and teachers?”  “Do they have a culture of violence?”  “How will teachers cope with instructing already behind students with an influx of those with limited or no English, let alone math, science, and history ability?” What about this conundrum; “How do teachers teach and insist upon rules when they’re teaching those who have explicitly broken rules and been rewarded?”

Long Necks dispassionately rebuke illegals coming into America, into states and cities already under assault because of the Left’s bad policies.  If something is broken, taking a sledgehammer to it seems redundant.  Not to the Short Necks.  To them, emotion dictates embracing the illegals.  They cite it as the “empathetic” thing to do, failing to connect the dots that it’s unempathetic to legal and taxpaying Americans.  Illegals are being housed in Manhattan hotels costing $400 a night per room on the taxpayers’ dime.  According to NY Post analysis, providing hotel accommodations for newly arrived illegal migrants will cost New York City taxpayers an additional $300 million dollars annually.   Under Mayor Adams’ “empathy” reign, over 6,000 illegal migrants from the southern border have arrived.  The number has no end in sight; 2,000 have been bussed into Midtown Manhattan and city officials warn the number could be “higher.”  Translation, our local leaders can’t even keep track.

The upper class feels the pinch like everyone else of the Left’s fiscal dereliction but are able to deal with the economic fallout.  The middle and lower class can’t.  They struggle under the Biden economy to find and then pay for items like chicken, eggs, tampons, and baby formula.  With the addition of 5 million illegals and counting under Biden and an uncountable amount under Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams, the problem exacerbates.   For many Americans, specifically New Yorkers scrambling to pay rent, let alone cobble together a vacation and afford a $400 dollar a night hotel room, understand, Mayor Adams has secured rooms at this rate for illegals funded by taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

But paying for illegals’ hotel accommodations isn’t all the Short Necks’ “empathy” funds.  Illegals are getting free health care, food, cell phones, clothes, and back to school supplies. Governor Hochul signed into law a $220 billion dollar “budget” including $220 million for free Medicaid for illegals. This financial burden rests entirely on the shoulders of New York taxpayers. Federal law prohibits federal tax dollars from going toward Medicaid for illegals in New York State.

Then there’s securing a job.  Long Necks are wasting no time.  They’ve adjusted to the new playing field of woke hiring prerequisites practiced by Short Necks like Mayor Adams, desiring headshots for government hires.  When companies make skin color, sexual orientation, and fringiest fringe status the litmus test to get through the door, Long Necks nimbly adjust.  Entrepreneurship is plowing ahead.  A sub economy is burgeoning whereby Long Necks are seeking out commerce with other Long Necks - of which there are vastly more of than Short Necks.  Conservative banks, schools, apps, for profit organizations, and media, are taking root and expanding with such rapidity, owners are figuring out how to scale to the demand.  The result; Short Neck companies are fighting for survival.  CNN, Netflix, Walmart, Starbucks, have cannibalized.  Their support for radicals has made cities in which they operate desolate and dangerous meaning less foot traffic.  Their weighted and very public political stance has been anathema to consumers resulting in plummeting profits.

While the Short Necks are busy futzing around with renaming salespeople “CAs” (“client advisors”) and replacing the word “inmate” with “incarcerated people," Long Necks are looking down, noticing the low hanging fruit is drying up.



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