On the Sidewalks of New York: Moms Are Key This November

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  • 03/02/2023

On the Sidewalks of New York is a weekly feature at Human Events wherein Jacqueline Toboroff, a native New Yorker, will share her observations and candid commentary on the goings-on in our nation’s largest city. Wherever you live, and whatever you feel, there is no escaping the fact that New York City matters.

Sidewalks of New York went to CPAC.  I return home with insight, a message of hope, and a call to action to Lee Zeldin.

The key to securing a win this November is the moms.  Make us the linchpin in every policy plan put forth, whether it’s fixing education, combating crime, resurrecting the economy, or fighting the radicalism undermining the nuclear family.  As a Conservative mom, I haven’t heard enough.  The Independents and Democrat moms are thirsting for a concrete game plan.

The blueprint is Tudor Dixon, Kari Lake, and Mayra Flores. If Lee Zeldin leans into the issues and rides the wings of the betrayed and desperate moms in New York, begging for a seat at the table, clear about what we want, the Democrat machine funding hapless Hochul can be defeated.

Dallas was hot; so was Steve Bannon, the keynote speaker at the Cattleman’s Ball. The takeaway; there has been a referendum and the mom army will not be deterred.  Midterms and the presidential elections will be determined by these warriors.

Prior to Bannon, Kimberly Fletcher, president and founder of Moms For America, spoke. Over 500 thousand mothers across the nation belong to this group dedicated to fighting for freedom and parental rights, and against radical CRT focused on racism, sexually exploiting children, and an anti-family agenda.  Bannon reiterated the importance of personal agency, parental rights, and the first step; taking over the school boards.

It is from the school boards that everything flows.  Not only is this where our country's greatest resource, our kids, spend the most time outside of home, it reminds mothers just how much power they have. Once moms get a taste of their ability to shape curricula, impact budget, and welfare of their children, other key positions in local, state, and Federal office become attainable and aspirational. The Left knows this and is panicked. It’s why they have weaponized the DOJ and labeled parents going to school boards “domestic terrorists.”

Bannon isn’t the only messenger laser-focused on moms. Republican mother of four, Tudor Dixon, just won her gubernatorial primary in Michigan. Republican mother of two, Kari Lake, just crushed her opponent winning the hotly contested gubernatorial primary in Arizona. Their victory speeches were centered around mothers.

Dixon started out by thanking her kids “who sacrificed a heck of a lot… I’m doing this for you girls and every child in Michigan, to make sure the next four years are filled with opportunities and not lockdowns, open classrooms, and not massive grocery bills.“ Dixon spoke to the parents; “It’s about the moms and dads across this state who lost everything these last four years. It’s about the parents…Gretchen Whitmer locked out of their classrooms. It’s about the parents [who] watched [as their children] helplessly f[e]ll behind as… Whitmer vetoed reading scholarships.” Dixon might have been talking to Michiganians but all parents in Democrat states relate.

Kari Lake also leaned into the dominant issues plaguing parents, compelling them to switch from Democrats to America First Republicans; masks, mandates, lockdowns, broken education, and CRT.  She had “momsforkari“, echoing what mama bears feel; “Don’t mess with our children ever again.”  She said, “I will never forget the people who pushed those masks on our children.” She champions “education freedom in Arizona”, saying “parents send their children to school for an education, not indoctrination.” Fired up, she said, “our own government put parents on a terrorist list for attending School Board meetings… shove your ‘Red Flag’ laws where the sun don’t shine.”  She spoke out vociferously about drag queens being part of the school curriculum.  Lake even had “KidsForKari” and “studentsforkari” because, as all moms know, we put our kids first. This is our only loyalty and hill on which we’ll die. We’ll take a lot, but you mess with our kids and we’ll rip your face off.

On November 8 in New York, we’re going to find out if Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin successfully messaged to moms. Thanks to Dixon, Lake, and Flores we know the winning strategy. It isn’t about raising the most money (a hard pull for Republicans) and outspending; that’s a crutch for a lazy politician.  It’s an authentic, indefatigable no-back-down campaign committed to fearlessly fighting back against the establishment that got us in this mess of children being below grade level proficiency, rampant drug use, body dysmorphia, spikes in child suicide, abuse, and self-harm due to not only lost time at school but lost curriculum in school in favor of radicalism and indoctrination.  Zeldin has a rare chance to become a Republican governor of New York; things couldn’t be any worse.  There were over 1.1 million students in the public school system pre-pandemic and CRT.  Over 150,000 have left.  The remaining children all have moms; neglecting them is folly. The key that picks the lock is staring Zeldin right in the face, he must devote much more time and energy to the remaining million parents.

The winning message is recognizing moms are not co-parenting with the government or school. We are overwhelmingly against CRT, medical tyranny, mandates, and having our parental rights usurped. While the majority of parents blame the Left for the nosedive, they aren’t blindly swearing allegiance to the Right and voting for any Republican; we’re over them too.

We want America First, KIDS FIRST, candidates, even in New York.  Parents are Conservative when it comes to education.

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