On the Sidewalks of New York: Hot Child in the City

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  • 03/02/2023

On the Sidewalks of New York is a weekly feature at Human Events wherein Jacqueline Toboroff, a native New Yorker, will share her observations and candid commentary on the goings-on in our nation’s largest city. Wherever you live, and whatever you feel, there is no escaping the fact that New York City matters.

There’s a heat wave in New York City. Temperatures are in the 90s but the “real feel” tops 100 degrees.

Sweltering conditions are so dire, New York City Mayor Adams is calling for residents to stay in public pools (COVID messaging is on hiatus during the heatwave), enter “cooling centers… a great way to save energy in your home, ” and an Excavation Safety Alert (whatever this is) has been issued.

Despite the scorcher, Con Edison energy usage is majorly below what it was during the heatwave in 2016. This week, 10,059 megawatts of energy was used versus the 13,322 from six years ago.  Standing somewhere in the middle of Florida, under 28 feet of water, twice presidential candidate, vice president, movie producer, and birthing person to climatology, Al Gore, fully snorkeled speaking through a tube, now predicts that severe weather will “get a lot worse” without “climate action.”

The point is that our officials and our bureaucrats lie to us with regularity.  From Biden’s promise that if we vaccinate we can’t get COVID, to Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor saying over 100,000 children were in serious condition from COVID when less than 4,500 were hospitalized with zero data proving the condition was serious, to Dr Birx admitting lying to President Trump was part of the COVID strategy.  These lies become media “truths.” Policy is made because of these lies.  Now, in the face of the 25% less usage of electricity in New York City according to Con Edison (if it’s telling the truth), the Left wants to declare a “climate emergency”–which it created.

How? The Left inflicts intentional pain, falsely translating what is a normal heatwave - it’s summer - to the manmade climate change paper dragon; the largest contributors of pollution give the double barrel (see China).  This is the Inconvenient Truth.  It’s another scam effectuated in order to go green; “Climate justice.”

Heat waves cause power outages due to increased electricity consumption combined with the high temperatures. Right now, outages are rife.  Thousands in the Big Apple have lost power according to Con Edison. The National Weather Service even issued a heat advisory for the city.

As always, lucky spermsters are doing just fine. “Climate warriors“ and environmentalist titans are taking off in their private jets and storming the seas in their rented luxury yachts. Or, they’re flying into Manhattan for a couple of hours in order to lecture at the UN before being whisked away by armed security to their waiting fleet of motor running, gas guzzling SUVs to go for awesome dinners, cloaked in blood diamonds and “sustainable” designer clothing.

But over at NYCHA’s Ingersoll Houses in Brooklyn, generators went bust.  Elevator outages means the poor have to huff it up and down stairs, dripping in sweat, contending with kids, groceries, and searching for Adams’ public pools, “cooling stations”, and “parks with the most tree canopy cover for better shade!”  No problem, Adams wants you to stay safe but “conserve energy.” So far, one person is dead from the heat. The media is quick to blow it off detailing a preexisting condition; emphysema. When one dies from the heat due to the Left making us go green, underlying conditions downplaying death are vital. In the case of COVID, a motorcycle crash resulting in a fatality counts as a COVID death after, plot twist, the victim is tested post mortem for COVID.

Those looking for some holiday entertainment at Six Flags Great Adventure, an unlikely haunt of the upper-class brave climate heroes, experienced a climate of despair.  The fun park posted a statement; “Great Adventure theme park opening is delayed due to a loss of power.” A poll should have been conducted then and there by a Kardashian wheeling out a Thunberg gauging climate commitment.

Here’s the Catch 21; as the Left makes climate a race and socioeconomic issue, it’s screwing the race and socioeconomic group it pretends to care about, again. Low-income areas have less access to air conditioning.

But fear not, the middle and upper class will feel the screws soon enough. The “Climate Council” likely scheming in air-conditioned offices, plans for massive cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions as New York transitions from fossil fuels to renewables. New York is on the hook for $600 billion dollars and will receive less than $100 billion in benefits. New York Governor and the Climate Council have no clue how they’re paying for going green, but if COVID taught us anything, it’s that you’re a racist if you ask questions.

What we know is at least $15 billion dollars are required to implement the plan. Part of the machinations involve “Clean Green Schools” and wind-power. Wind power - New York City’s “real feel” of over 100 degrees exists because of the swamp like humidity - NO WIND, except the oral type from AOC and Al Gore.  On the other hand, real wind is essential to the renewable energy which is half of the Green New Deal. Maybe the other half is the sun. Perhaps climatologist AOC can transmute the heat into energy.

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