Make Cupertino Great Again.

Silicon Valley was patriotic once. I remember—I grew up there.

Will Chamberlain July 4, 2021

Facebook and Twitter Are Not Local Bakeries.

Our civil rights laws don’t have to treat them the same way.

Will Chamberlain January 15, 2021

Decouple Colleges from Football.

In the short term, we should let the kids play. But long-term, we shouldn’t let factories of leftism...

Will Chamberlain August 15, 2020

Use Antitrust Against Big Tech.

It's time to address the combination of monopoly power and conservative bias.

Will Chamberlain July 27, 2020

Cancel Yale.

The university is named after a slave-trader. Seize its endowment.

Will Chamberlain June 26, 2020

Of Course The New York Times is Carrying Water for Joe Biden.

President Trump had it right: it’s time to open up the libel laws.

Will Chamberlain April 13, 2020

Bernie Sanders Didn’t Have the Will to Win.

The Vermont Senator said we needed a “political revolution,” but lacked the courage to make it happen.

Will Chamberlain April 8, 2020

Seize the Endowments.

Universities are defrauding teenagers and laying off their employees. It’s time to make them pay.

Will Chamberlain March 30, 2020

Elon Musk Is A Danger To The Public.

Tesla insists on pumping out cars, public health be damned.

Will Chamberlain March 19, 2020

Ending Google’s Corporate Bullying.

The tech giant copied Oracle’s code; the case is now at the Supreme Court.

Will Chamberlain February 22, 2020

On The Front Lines: An Interview With Jeffrey Bossert Clark.

Publisher Will Chamberlain interviews the head of DOJ’s Environment and Natural Resources Division.

Will Chamberlain February 10, 2020

Dismiss The Articles of Impeachment.

Alan Dershowitz is right: House Democrats failed to allege a violation of established law.

Will Chamberlain January 20, 2020