Polish Opposition politician on the upcoming wave of migrants: 'Centers will be created'

Senator Wojciech Konieczny of the Polish Left Opposition party said in a television broadcast Tuesday that centers for immigrants would be created under the formation of a new government.

This is a stark contrast to the strict immigration policies put in place by the incumbent, conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party. President Andrzej Duda has yet to make a final announcement appointing a Prime Minister to lead the formation of a new government.

Three Left Opposition parties formed a coalition to earn 54 percent of votes from the election held on Sunday, winning the majority and beating the PiS which earned 35 percent of votes.

Konieczny stated that "responsible centers will be created to verify immigrants" and that "there will be no illegal immigrants because they will be verified."

These actions are in line with The Asylum and Migration Pact which was set forth by the European Union in June and "is designed to manage and normalise migration for the long term, providing certainty, clarity and decent conditions for people arriving in the EU. It also seeks to establish a common approach to migration and asylum that is based on solidarity, responsibility, and respect for human rights," according to the EU official website.

Under this pact, countries must accept migrants or have to pay a fine of 20,000 euros per person, Polish news outlet tysol.pl reports.

One of the main goals of the incoming liberal party is to reconcile with the EU and do away with policies the conservative party established that distanced Poland from the Union, including immigration, as reported by party leader Donald Tusk who is the former EU president.

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