TARCZYNSKI: Poland admits no illegal immigrants, migrants or refugees—has zero terrorist attacks

On the latest episode of his show, Tucker Carlson spoke with a Polish member of the European Parliament about how the nation has managed to protect its citizens while the rest of the continent finds itself dealing with unrest, terrorist attacks, and demographic changes as a result of the migrant crisis.

Dominik Tarczyński, who represents the right-wing Law and Justice Party, stated that it was precisely because of Poland's refusal to take in hordes of migrants that the country had remained a bastion of safety. 

"Why are you not like everybody else in Europe," Carlson asked.

"I'm proud. I love Poland," Tarczyński replied. "I love my mother, my sister, my daughter ... because we are not afraid to say 'no'."

"Most of the spineless politicians, leftist politicians in the European Parliament, in Brussels, they are afraid," he continued. "Poland is the last stronghold of normality, Christianity, family values, in Europe."

Tarczyński went on to explain that according to official EU data, Poland is the safest country in Europe, and he chalked that up to its policy of "zero illegal migration," which has been the law of the land since 2015.

"Poland is the only country in Europe without a terror attack," he said. "We don't have stabbings, we don't have rapes in parks; we don't have all this rubbish in Poland. Why? Because we are very very strict on migration."

Tarczyński slammed those who refer to the hundreds of thousands of people coming into Europe from Africa and Asia as "refugees," explaining that during his research he had discovered that most were simply illegal migrants, with no claim of asylum.

"People are afraid to say obvious facts, and that is why we are so successful," he added.

Tarczyński has been consistent with his position on the matter for years.

In 2018, he shocked BBC interviewer Kathy Newman when he proudly stated that Poland was not accepting a single illegal migrant because that was what the people who elected his government said they wanted.

There was one attempted Islamic terrorist attack in Poland earlier this year, however the would-be perpetrator was apprehended before he was able to carry out the deed.

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