Ukrainian trans fighter 'Sarah' Ashton-Cirillo duped into interview with Russian prankster duo, calls for Ukrainian special forces to conduct attacks on Russian propagandists, TV hosts after kill list controversy

A video was released on Wednesday by notorious Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus in which they successfully tricked volunteer servicemember Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, the trans-identified male former spokesperson for Ukraine, into believing he was speaking to former president and People’s Deputy Petro Poroshenko.

Two calls were made and recorded both prior to Ashton-Cirillo's being dismissed as spokesperson and after. 

The two separate prank calls unearthed bombshell admissions from Ashton-Cirillo, like his desire to launch terrorist attacks on Russian propagandists such as American TV hosts and that he believes Russian “aren’t human” and want to “be slaves.”


Speaking of her military commander, Ashton-Cirillo said in the first call that “he taught me so much about the evil of the Russians.”

He continued, “The Russians are not European Russians, as Mr. Danilov was clear to say Russians have a different culture Russians are Asian. And ultimately, they do come from the Mongols.”

“They do come from a grouping of people who are wanting to be slaves and want to be led.” 

“I will say that what's happening in the Kremlin and what's happening to every Russian that supports a lot of Putin's decisions are not human. These people are not human. They are enemies of humanity.”

“For well over a year, we've been asking our Western partners…to make certain that they understood the threat of these non-humans and they didn't want to understand it," Ashton-Crillo said of the fallout in the west.

Speaking of the viral video in which he called those who criticized the Ukrainian war "Russian devils" he continued, “This is why I also had the controversy but felt I needed to do it when CNN called our fighters Western mercenaries. I had to call for the boycott of CNN, and risked my position simply because Russia would have used that as propaganda if CNN didn't change the word and luckily it worked.”

“But every time there's a slip up by…our Western partners who don't understand that Russia’s…propaganda efforts are the best in the world.”

“Their propaganda is they should not be able to hide behind just because they're given a television show doesn't stop them from being war criminals. Then how can we attack Russian fascists with all of our weapons and our weapons include DRGs.”

DRGs refer to diversionary-reconnaissance groups which are in essence saboteurs and special forces.

The second call was recorded after Ashotn-Cirillo was suspended from being the Ukrainian military spokesperson.

He doubled down on his statements “that Russian propagandists will be hunted down and I refuse to apologize for that statement.”

Speaking of his suspension he said that he “was told that it came from the highest levels… I was told that it came from New York sir on the trip that the government is on currently.”

Ashton-Cirillo was referring to the US trip President Voldymyr Zelensky made to attend the UN General Assembly and to speak with the Biden administration and Congress, requesting $24 billion more in funding.

“I’m still in the army. I'm still speaking to several high level officers doing my other work. Just not a spokesperson.”

The pranksters guided the call to focus on the mass corruption and mishandling of aid within the Ukraine military and government.

Again, pretending to be Poroshenko, they stated to Ashton-Cirillo, "I can’t say it publicly but I can say it in a private conversations and you see what is what is going on with corruption now… It's also because of that officials tried to earn some money from equipment that were provided by the United States and it just goes to it just it is really big."

Ashton-Cirillo responded, “Anybody who was willing to look at the situation seriously, understand, you have significant issues when it if we don't change these issues within the next six months. We're going to have a 30 year war, sir.”

“I do believe that [Republicans] were very angry in Washington that I was I was being talked about with Gonzalo Lira that the two Americans were being discussed. And they were told make it go away. Especially because Sarah will not apologize, because I made it clear, sir. Russian propagandists will be hunted down.”

He then trashed foreign fighters in Ukraine:

“I think we have a terrible problem with most foreign fighters here because they are just a step above mercenaries. And they come in here because all they know is warfare. And while I defend them in public, in private, I know many of them have very far-right leanings…there's some Nazi groups.”

Vovan and Lexus said of the call that "Sarah told the truth for the first time. About corruption in the country, populist Zelensky and foreign mercenaries - drug addicts and Nazis. And also how she deals with pressure on the Western media, sometimes preventing her from spreading crazy fakes."

Ashton-Cirillo, in a now-deleted post, claimed the calls were “deep fake[s]—an AI generation meant to impugn the foreign fighters that I fight with here in Ukraine.”

Human Events' Jack Posobiec was added to a Ukrainian "kill list" earlier in the month after Ashton-Cirillo released a video in which he warned:

"Next week, the teeth of the Russian devils will gnash even harder, and their rabid mouths will foam in uncontrollable frenzy as the world will see a favorite Kremlin propagandist pay for their crimes. This puppet of Putin is only the first. Russia's war criminal propagandists will all be hunted down and justice will be served."

Also included on the list are Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk along with slain Russian journalist Darya Dugina (now "liquidated") who Ashton-Cirillo said was "an evil creature who died a death they deserved for trying to genocide innocent people."

The list refers to Posobiec as an "anti-Ukrainian propagandist" and "provocateur." 

Image: Title: Ashton Cirillo prank