CHARLIE KIRK: Zelensky is 'fighting for the transification of Kiev'

Charlie Kirk broke down what he sees as Volodymyr Zelensky’s true "values" on his podcast Monday in anticipation of the Ukrainian President’s visit to the US, beginning Tuesday. He labeled him as a “grifter” and noted that the Ukrainian-Russian war is more of a “proxy war.”

Zelensky appeared on CBS’s "60 Minutes" on Sunday ahead of his visit to tell US viewers they are “defending the values of the whole world” by continuing financial aid to Ukraine.

“Zelensky views himself as a defender of trans values of gay values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and ESG. The Ukraine-Russian war is a proxy war of the woke versus totalitarian fascism." Kirk said.

Kirk reminded his audience that he is neither on Ukraine or Russia’s “side,” alluding to accusations he has received about being “pro-Putin.”

“I want a free society, but I'm certainly not on Ukraine side, I'm on America side,” he stated.

He then pointed out that Republican officials have been willingly writing checks to Zelensky, alleging that he “defends the values of the Western world.” However, these values have not aligned with conservative values. Kirk cites “castrating children at the age of 12,”  “pornography in textbooks,” and “post-birth abortion” as values that the left has been pushing and the ones Zelensky is seemingly defending with his transgender spokesman.

He called on the Republican Party to push back at the Ukrainian President and tell him that the American people don’t believe in these values.

He cut to a clip of Zelensky saying, “We're defending the values of the whole world. And these are Ukrainian people who are paying the highest price. We can't change Putin. Russian society has lost the respect of the world. They elected him and re-elected him and raised a second Hitler. They did this.”

“Now understand,” Kirk stated, “that Zelensky is just being fed talking points by our own intelligence agencies. Zelensky is a puppet of the intelligence agencies.”

“Zelensky is not just going after Putin… He's declaring war on the Russian people.”

Kirk continued, “He's not just saying that Putin is bad, listen carefully. He's saying that Russian society is bad. This is how you get nuclear war.”

He noted that Zelensky was seemingly blaming the entire populous of Russian people for allowing “another Hitler” to take power, referencing Putin.

“If that's another Hitler to come to power, Zelensky, why do you have so many Nazis in your military?”

Kirk again highlighted the Ukraine military’s trans spokesman, noting that the video he showed last week was not in fact a parody.

“That's what the American government is funding. They're not fighting for constitutionalism. They're not fighting for individual liberty. They're not fighting for the promise of self-government. They're fighting for the transification of Kiev.”

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