Poso and Malcom Flex reveal Fani Willis’ craven careerism: she 'climbs the ladder by any means necessary'

Jack Posobiec had on political commentator and researcher Malcom Flex on Human Events Daily. The two of them discussed some revelations about Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis such as going after her former employers with the RICO Act and trying to "climb the ladder by any means necessary." 

Malcom got on with Posobiec to discuss what he has been able to bring up about Willis. Willis is the District Attorney that brought charges to indict former President Donald Trump for violating the RICO Act.  

"Fani Willis has got quite a bit of a career of trying to - let's just say - climb the ladder by any means necessary," Malcom said. 

Malcom revealed that one of rapper Young Thug's associates, YSL Mondo, had worked with Willis previously. Willis charged Young Thug and his associates in his organization, Young Stoner Life, with a RICO violation at the beginning of 2023. 

"Back when she worked as a defense attorney, she was actually working with YSL Mondo who was one of the co-founders of [Young Thug's organization]," Malcom said. Willis had defended YSL Mondo in 2019 during a case with aggravated assault.  

Prosecution said that the use of lyrics in Young Thug's music, social media posts, and music videos were implicated in as evidence that his organization was engaged in gang violence and other crimes in 2023.  

Malcom said that Willis, according to YSL Mondo, would display a different image in private than in public. "This is not her character, this is not who she is... [I] had auntie-to-nephew, mother-to-son type of talks with her. I know this [is] not her character," YSL Mondo said in an interview with Rolling Stone.  

Malcom said he was also hearing on "back channels" that Willis had a "sexual relationship with YSL Mondo" during the case.  

Malcom also said that she "threw her former predecessor... under the bus" to try to get herself taken off a different case in order to pursue the case with YSL Mondo.  

According to Malcom, Willis also went after "two of her former employers with the RICO law in order to jam up their whole reelection cycle." 

"This whole RICO case, you know, weaponizing RICO, is nothing new," Malcom added.  

Posobiec reacted to Malcom's comments, saying, "As Trump would say, 'She sounds like a nightmare." 

"She has a track record of being associated with or targeting high profile individuals," Posobiec said. "You're talking YSL, you're talking Young Thug... She's targeting them - not necessarily because she thinks this is the highest-level crime or that she thinks that this RICO is going to go and get everybody - that she's doing it out of her own self-interest." 

Posobiec floated the idea that Willis may only be filing the charges on Trump or Young Thug as targets to raise herself up for political office or to be in the spotlight even more.  

With the Special Counsel just being announced to investigate Hunter Biden, Posobiec thought that it was convenient that Willis would be "creating a distraction for the Biden White House" as well. He added that would give Willis "all the clout she wants." 

Malcom concurred and said that the opportunity for her would be "political advancement on tap" in a way. "It's not beyond the realm of possibility for them to basically call a clout-chasing prosecutor." 

"It's not just YSL Mondo, she's cozying up with Shaq, all sorts of different sources," Malcom added. "If you go on her public stuff, you can see photos of her just in the club." 

Posobiec concluded by saying that the real question with Willis will be if she can back up all the charges against Trump. 

Image: Title: POSO Malcolm Flex