POSOBIEC: Biden administration's credibility 'on the line' as special counsel appointed to investigate Hunter

Speaking shortly after Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed US Attorney for Delaware David Weiss as special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden on Friday, Jack Posobiec slammed the timing of the appointment, noting that "all of this coming at the exact same time that House Republicans are asking questions."  

In a press conference, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Weiss' appointment, and it was soon after revealed that Weiss had dropped the plea deal that Hunter Biden and prosecutors had been working on. 

Posobie said the special counsel will be investigating "all of the Hunter Biden charges [and] the inflammatory damages that are out of there."  

Posobiec highlighted that Weiss was the attorney that had previously investigated Hunter and was blocked by the DOJ from investigating him in California. Posobiec added that this was verified "by IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley during his testimony." 

"Weiss was mentioned more than 30 times in relation to investigations into Hunter Biden." Posobiec noted. "In November 2020, when Shapley... and other IRS agents intended to take the case against Hunter Biden public they were told by Weiss, per house testimony, that they could not do that because the presidential campaign was being contested." 

Posobiec pointed out that "all of this coming at the exact same time that House Republicans are asking questions." On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee's investigation into the Biden Family revealed that $20 million was flowing into the coffers of bank accounts in association with Hunter and his business partners.  

"What exactly was the nature of the deal and the relationship between Hunter Biden [and] Devon Archer?" Posobiec asked rhetorically. "[Archer] just testified to the house, he was also interviewed by Tucker Carlson, and put forward numerous statements essentially stating that this Ukrainian gas enterprise - directly tied to the Ukrainian government Burisma - would have gone under, if not for the intervention of the US government through Vice President Biden."  

Posobiec talked about the pressure this situation would now put on the White House and President Biden in his reelection campaign.  

"He's had to see the effect that it's had on polls - where in poll after poll - he's either neck and neck with President Trump." Posoiec said. "Or in some polls, including battleground states, [he's] actually losing to President Trump." 

Posobiec placed the cause on the corruption that has taken place as the reason that Biden has been dropping so much while there is a "direct tie to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine." 

"That new $40 billion package that was announced just today for Ukraine is all tied directly to this. The credibility of the United States Government on the line, the credibility of the Biden administration clearly on the line, backed into a corner," Posobiec added.  

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