EXCLUSIVE: Terry Schilling says ‘OnlyFans has turned every single American daughter into a potential prostitute'

Human Events Daily Host Jack Posobiec was joined by Terry Schilling, the president of the American Principles Project, to talk about the effects of the porn industry on the US and how it plays into the sex trafficking of minors. 

Posobiec began with a clip from former President Trump's showing of the anti-trafficking film, Sound of Freedom, in New Jersey. 

After briefly touching on the closed-door meeting with Devon Archer, he dove into the problem of child trafficking. 

Addressing Sound of Freedom, Posobiec said, "We talk about child trafficking so much because this is an issue that I think has absolutely inflamed the right. It's inflamed independents, parents, families."

"People are alerted and aware because of the movie Sound of Freedom, and so many others, that they don't understand or they haven't understood how bad this problem has gotten in our country," he continued. 

Posobiec spoke on how the movie focuses on the supply side of child trafficking and the places where children are trafficked. The movie only touches briefly on what is causing the demand for child trafficking. 

He brought on Terry Schilling to discuss the reasons why the porn industry benefits from the sexual abuse of children and minors and asked Schilling for his thoughts on the subject. 

The American Principles Project (APP), the organization that Shilling is in charge of, "is the premier national organization engaging directly in campaigns and advocacy on behalf of the family." The organization has various petitions on different pro-family issues. One of which is to tell the Department of Justice to "protect our kids from pornography."

Schilling spoke on the industrialization and massive growth of the pornography industry over the last few decades. He said that this allows companies in the industry to lobby and vie for legislation that will allow them to grow larger.

Schilling said that the size of the industry has changed how Americans see sexual relations. "They've convinced generation after generation of young men in America that porn is a better alternative to actually having sex. It's easier, it's less risky, you're not going to get a girl pregnant, or get an STD," he said. 

He described Americans' views on sexuality, as a result of the industry, have become "literally perverted."

Schilling gave the example of the increasing demand for OnlyFans as an analog to the increasing demand for harder drugs once you become addicted. 

Discussing how the porn industry has been sued multiple times for using pornographic content with minors, Schilling touched on the age verification legislation the APP is backing. Porn sites, for a long time, have not had strict age verification regulations placed on the, unlike websites where one would buy alcohol or gamble. 

When some states have made regulatory laws, companies, such as Pornhub, have pulled their services instead of complying with the law. Schilling said that the companies will make the argument that the entities are just concerned about the "civil liberties of [their] customer."

The two focused more on the phenomenon of OnlyFans and girls selling their bodies to people on the internet. "This Barbie movie... it talks about female empowerment. Is going on OnlyFans and doing empowering for young women?" Posobiec rhetorically asked Schilling. 

Schilling responded, "One of the worst things that OnlyFans has done, Jack is, it's turned every single American daughter into a potential prostitute online and they're selling their entire bodies - everything - and they're doing degrading things for $5 a month. It's absolutely disgusting."

Schilling suggested that the porn industry needs to be regulated more heavily with licensing because of the psychological damage that it can cause to women and girls who are working as porn stars as well. 

To emphasize how porn has affected the decline in marriage and dating, Schilling talked about how parents in Japan have had to hire prostitutes to convince their sons to date women instead of using porn on a computer screen. 

"It's the path that America is headed down until we get our hands around this terrible and exploitative industry," Schilling concluded.

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