Jack Posobiec on leading thousands of Christians in protest against LA Dodgers ‘drag nun’ ceremony: ‘We exorcised demons’

Following his appearance outside Dodgers Stadium on Friday to protest alongside thousands of Christians, Human Events host Jack Posobiec declared that Christians will show up to "any team, to any stadium, to any company, to any organization" that embraces radical ideology and forces it on their patrons.

"I made an appearance at the LA Dodgers Stadium, Posobiec said, "but it wasn’t about me. It was about the thousands and thousands of people who showed up and stood strong and stood tall for the faith, particularly in the face of abject demonism, abject blasphemy, abject sacrilege being put on display in that stadium there in Los Angeles."

Showing images of the scene outside the stadium from Friday, Posobiec said the images "are telling you a story, a story of a people who are sick and tired of being demeaned, sick and tired of being smeared, sick and tired of being told to sit down and shut up and take it while the drag queens come for your kids, while teachers take them in in the public schools and tell them to change their gender, and then tell you that they’re going to do it."

"And they put these false nuns up there. These disgusting, sacrilegious demonic freaks with the paint on their faces," he said, adding that "they wear that face paint because they’re terrified to look themselves in the eyes. They’re terrified to even see themselves."

Posobiec stated that "at the end of the day" the thing "they’re most scared of" is God himself, "and they know that one day they will come face to face with their Creator."

Posobiec noted that the stadium was nearly empty when the Dodgers honored the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence during their Friday game, adding that "the Dodgers went on to lose every single game of the series in the biggest blowout in a century for the team."

"We need more public displays of faith. We need more public displays pushing back against this and I would say thank you to every single person who showed up there, every single person who supported us, to every signle person that prayed for us, millions and millions of people around the world praying for us. This is how we win."

"We will show up to any team, to any stadium, to any company, to any organization that embraces this. Guess what, we’ll be there."

Posobiec said that he never thought "I’d be giving a speech in downtown LA, a speech literally in Hollywood itself, addressing an assembled patronage of demons, but thank God that we had a bishop come up before us and perform an actual exorcism as well as a perimeter prayer for defense to keep all demons at bay," adding that "that’s why I believe that none of them confronted us. There was no violence, it was peaceful, it was prayerful, but it was also passionate."

Posobiec led the crowd in a Latin prayer outside of the stadium, telling the crowd on Friday, "And in this instance, we are here to defend the nuns, the sisters, the women who put their lives on the line, the women who put their blood on the line, time and time again. Whether it be in Mexico, or Spain, or Russia, or Poland, or any of the places where the nuns were killed, where the nuns were attacked and destroyed. In the name of their religion, the same nuns who give their lives who work their fingers to the bone, for the poor, for the children, for the people who need it."

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