EXCLUSIVE: Biden is using Ukraine to 'virtue signal' his way to re-election in 2024

Jack Posobiec of Human Events spoke with retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer about President Joe Biden’s ulterior motive in Ukraine on Thursday, suggesting that the president’s motive is not to aid the Ukrainian people but to bolster his political chances of re-election in 2024. 

Posobiec said: “I think that Biden wants to see some kind of gain. And eventually, what he hopes for, is a victory for Ukraine. I'm not sure how he's gonna get there, but it seems to me that he's doing this. It's unfortunately not about Ukraine. This is about 2024 for him.”

“He's been sending over billions of dollars because he knows that he doesn't have a victory. When he goes on that debate stage, Trump's gonna turn around and say, ‘You spent $25 billion in Ukraine, you lost and then you left $4 billion on the ground for the Taliban when you pulled out of there,’ and people are gonna see it. So he's terrified of that moment, because that bill is going to come due in a very, very big way,“ Posobiec continued:

“Do you view it that way? Is this about 2024 versus actually the good of the people in Ukraine?”

Shaffer responded: “Yeah, I do. I think that Biden's political inner circle is telling him, ‘You need to be the FDR of your generation.’ And what you do is create conditions for failure, because Jack, the more they fail in Ukraine, the more they can justify additional spending and try to involve NATO ultimately. I think he wants NATO involved.”

Schaffer noted that NATO has already said that “they don’t want to fight.” 

“I can tell you from the Cold War days, when I was doing REFORGER 85 in Germany, all the allies were together; there was a clear threat from the Soviets. We were all together, [and] we would have integrated very quickly.” He goes on to say that there is none of that right now in NATO’s current iteration. 

Shaffer went on: “This is all about trying to virtue signal your way into a war that benefits you politically.[It] has nothing to do with helping the Ukrainian people, doing the right thing for the EU, preserving NATO for real threats. It's all about personal benefit, and plus, I think Joe Biden is compromised. I think there's more than ample evidence he took the bribes that he's accused of.”

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