EXCLUSIVE: Raheem Kassam says 'Trump was more upbeat than I've seen him in years' on Trump Force One flight

The National Pulse editor-in-chief Raheem J. Kassam joined Human Events with Jack Posobiec on Monday and discussed former President Donald Trump's ongoing 2024 election campaign.

Posobiec asked Kassam to detail his experience flying on the Trump Force One this past weekend.

Kassam noted that "the fascinating thing about all of it" is the "energy levels" of Donald Trump, which remain at an all-time high, even during his 70s. 

"You look around to the staff, you look around at the pilots, and the police and all of this, and Trump's the ones still going," explained Kassam. "He's the one who still wants to blast the music. He's the one who still wants to hang out and cheer... as the plane's landing."

He said that after observing the former president's interactions for days, both during his recent Waffle House visit and with the general public, Trump "is more upbeat than I think I've seen him in years and years and years," adding that he was "jovial" both in front and behind of the scenes.

Kassam then asserted, "if what the deep state is trying to do here is intimidate or frustrate Donald Trump, they're doing quite the opposite ... They are they are energizing Donald Trump."

Posobiec concurred, before saying that Trump's positive interactions with the American people arguably overshadow Trump's formally arranged speeches, regardless of how impactful they also may be. 

Kassam agreed, noting, "You know, what was trending on social media. At the end of the day, it was Waffle House." 

"I think Trump loves to show that he's always been a man of the people and remains to this day, despite everything, a man of the people," said Kassam.

Posobiec echoed the sentiment and said that Trump treats regular American citizens "with a level of dignity that they are not used to," unlike many other individuals with similar levels of fame. 

The pair also agreed that remarks of Trump's supporters being a part of a "cult," often stem from jealousy, with Kassam noting that Trump's star power is akin to that of the "King of Rock and Roll," Elvis Presley. 
Image: Title: Jack Posobiec and Raheem Kassam