BREAKING: Fox News denied Trump's request to call in during 8 pm hour after arraignment: source

Human Events' Jack Posobiec reported on Thursday that Fox News denied President Donald Trump's request to call in during the 8 pm hour after his Tuesday arraignment. Trump was arraigned in Miami, and later went to his golf course at Bedminster, New Jersey, to speak to supporters.

"Human Events has learned that President Trump attempted to call-in to Fox News in the 8p block on the night of his arraignment in Miami on his way to Bedminster. The request was denied by Fox," Posobiec reported.


"They won't even allow the former President on unless it's a taped interview (like Bret is doing on Monday) so they can edit it," Human Events sources familiar with Fox News operations said.

This is a stunning about face from a network that soared to prominence during the Trump administration due to support from the Make America Great Again base. Fox recently fired insanely popular news show host Tucker Carlson, canceling his Tucker Carlson Tonight, despite it being the most popular cable news show in America.

Trump has had a long-standing relationship with Fox News show host Sean Hannity, who has routinely taken calls from the president both while he was in office and after his departure. 

During Trump's speech from New Jersey on Tuesday, Fox News Tonight with Brian Kilmeade, who replaced Carlson, ran a chyron reading: "Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested." Fox later walked that back.

Trump has called the charges by Biden's Department of Justice a "political prosecution," as have many others. During his speech on Tuesday, he said "Today we witnessed the most evil and heinous abuse of power in the history of our country."

"Charging a former President of the United States under the Espionage Act of 1917," he said, was not meant for this. The Biden administration is seeking to jail Trump for 400 years for keeping his own documents. Trump said that the Presidential Records Act shows that he "had every right to have these documents." 

Trump pled not guilty to all 37 counts, including "willful retention of national defense information," "withholding or concealing documents in a federal investigation," "false statements," and "conspiracy to obstruct justice." The charges are brought by Biden's DOJ after Biden promised in November to do everything he could to prevent Trump from being president for a second term.

Trump raised over $7 million in one day following his indictment, and leads the polls for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, as well as in a head-to-head contest against Joe Biden.

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