LIBBY EMMONS: Fox walked back 'dictator' chyron but PBS didn't even apologize for Trump 'context warning'

During Donald Trump's speech from Bedminster on Tuesday night, PBS slapped the GOP frontrunner and former president with "context" warnings. These read "Experts warn that inflammatory rhetoric from elected officials or people in power can prompt individual actors to commit acts of violence" and "Violent rhetoric has escalated in online forums and far-right militia groups since Trump's federal indictment."

Trump was speaking to supporters after having been arraigned in federal court in Miami on 37 counts stemming from his holding onto classified documents after having left office. This is something that not only many, many presidents have done, including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and others, but Joe Biden took documents after he left the senate, and after he left the vice presidency, none of which he was authorized to do.

Trump walked through the charges, the applicable laws, and the actions from others, such as Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and others. He spoke about his presidential record and campaign, he spoke about his opponents. And for all of that, he was accused by the state-funded broadcaster PBS of "inflammatory rhetoric." 

PBS has not apologized, likely they believe that they were well within their rights to act like Pravda for the Biden regime, and they probably also believed that Trump's mild-mannered speech discussing his indictment, the charges against him, and the state of America was "inflammatory" and was "violent rhetoric."

Contrast this with Fox News. They ran a chyron during an opinion show with Brian Kilmeade. Footage was shown of Biden from the White House on Tuesday night, and the chyron read: "Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested."

Neither Biden nor his press secretary have commented on the fact that he's weaponized the Justice Department to target his main political opponent. They continue to insist that the the DOJ acts independently, but the DOJ is carrying out Biden's dicates not only in the Trump case, but by targeting states that have banned sex changes for minors, something Biden is a huge proponent of. 

Despite the fact that the context was totally different–opinion (Fox News) versus breaking news (PBS)– it was Fox that walked back their on-screen message. "The chyron was taken down immediately and was addressed," a network exec said in a statement to The Hill on Wednesday.

The Washington Post was absolutely shocked that Fox would show a "politically charged" chryon during an opinion show, though they made no mention of the politically charged "context" warning from PBS. WaPo claimed that the "wannabe dictator" text was an "outright falsehood" simply because Biden has continued to say that the DOJ operates independently from his wishes.

Meanwhile, Biden has had his major political opponent arrested. That surely sounds like a "wannabe dictator" to anyone who knows what a dictator is, or has seen fascist and totalitarian regimes wield the government against political opponents and citizens.

In a illustrative example of how conservatives love losing, Fox News walked it back while PBS made no changes at all.

In fact, it seems clear that the news media that supports Joe Biden, his administration, and the weaponization of the DOJ can get away wtih as many "politically charged" chryons or "context" warnings as they wish, while those who are giving voice to conservative voters are perpetually forced to grovel and beg for forgiveness in the public square.

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