'Death by a thousand cuts': Jack Posobiec and Roger Stone on the Biden admin’s relentless effort to destroy Trump

Jack Posobiec of Human Events discussed the recent indictment of former President Donald Trump with Roger Stone, someone who has also been targeted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This comes after Trump was indicted on Thursday, and will subsequently appear in a federal court in Miami on Tuesday. 

Posobiec said: "I wanted to bring on someone who's an expert in understanding public political opinion. And also someone who has been targeted by the very same forces that we see targeting [Trump] now: the former strategist for [Trump], Roger Stone." Posobiec drew comparisons between the state-sponsored targeting of Roger Stone and what is currently happening to Trump. The host asked if Stone believed that what Trump is going through is similar to the very thing that he experienced. 

Stone noted that he was just "a little guy," saying that he was naive to think that 29 "heavily armed FBI agents in full SWAT gear, brandishing fully automatic weapons" could arrest for apparently lying to Congress about Russia collusion, which he said was something that never happened. 

Stone continued: "So it is absolutely clear to me that the same folks are in charge and they recognize that Donald Trump - [an] older, wiser Donald Trump - is an existential threat to their entire plan for the New World Order. And they're playing essentially to cancel the US Constitution and destroy and erase our legacy. Our history and our heritage. If they really want to erase our basic freedoms, Trump stands in the way [and] they become increasingly apoplectic because even their own polls showed the deflection were held tomorrow, Trump would trounce Joe Biden."

He went on: "By the way, I think there'll be additional charges [against Trump] in additional jurisdictions because they're gonna use the belt and suspenders approach and their attempt to destroy them. They can't beat him at the ballot box, so now they intend to flood the jury box."

Posobiec said that Stone had spoken, at length, about how populace political figures have been targeted throughout US history. He asked his guest if he thought Trump was just another example of a populace presidential figure who has been targeted by government agencies.

Stone responded: "Look, they killed John F. Kennedy. They actually murdered him because he wanted to dismantle the Deep State and he had a deep distrust of the intelligence agencies after they botched the Bay of Pigs. And [they] kept him in the dark about the Cuban Missile Crisis. They took Richard Nixon out in a silent coup. Why? Because, well, he was for peace. He ended the war in Vietnam, he negotiated a Strategic Arms Limitation agreement with the Soviets. He opened the door to China when China was a dirt poor backwards agrarian society."

"Nixon had no way of knowing that the Bushs [family] would get most favored nation trading status to the Chinese and the Clintons would sell the Chinese our most secret top military secrets, making them the world power that they are today. And then they tried to take Trump out repeatedly in the Russian collusion hoax. John Durham's report completely exonerates me, by the way. Then there was impeachment hoax number one, impeachment hoax number two, these people never quit. They are relentless."

Posobiec concluded that what the US is seeing is "death by a thousand cuts."

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