BREAKING: Jack Posobiec and Mike Davis reveal that the FBI has been covering for the Biden family

Jack Posobiec of Human Events and President of Article III Project Mike Davis discussed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (MTG) revelations that President Joe Biden, when he was VP to Barack Obama, took a $5 million bribe from Ukrainian oil company Burisma to get the Ukrainian prosecutor to stop the investigation into the company. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene revealed on Thursday that a paid FBI informant had made clear that Biden and his family had accepted bribes from Ukrainian oligarchs both to pressure the government of Ukraine to fire a top prosecutor who was investigating Ukraine, and to assist in finding US energy companies to purchase. Greene said the informant said there were two $5 million payouts to the Biden family, and that Burisma's CEO predicted it would take a decade for anyone to figure out all the payments made to the Biden family as the funds were deposited in multiple accounts.

Posobiec said that “Marjorie Taylor Greene just dropped a bombshell,” noting that it was “all about Burisma [and] the hiring of Hunter Biden, putting him on the board, the firing of the prosecutor that Joe Biden" bragged about. He added that this was the very thing that former President Donald Trump had asked about when he was in office, adding that he was reporting on this issue over four years ago. Which he was.

Biden bragged about withholding funds earmarked by Obama for Ukraine until such time as Ukraine fired the "corrupt" prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, which turns out to have been very corrupt in that it was bribing Biden to do its dirty work.

Davis chimed in, saying that “we have a whistleblower who has been a whistleblower for the FBI for like ten years. And the FBI has paid [them] $200,000 for [the] whistleblower activity.” Davis added that the individual, whoever they are, is clearly a credible source, otherwise the FBI would not have kept them around for so long.

Davis continued: “It looks like in 2017, with very specific and credible evidence, then Vice President Joe Biden took a $5 million bribe [from] it looks like Ron Burisma. Now based upon Marjorie Taylor Greene’s reporting, he took his $5 million bribe to get the Ukrainian prosecutor to stop investigating Burisma where Hunter Biden and the Biden's [had] financial stake.” Davis suggested that Biden’s position was that he threatened the prosecutor to stop investigating Burisma, otherwise $1 billion would be withheld from Ukrainian funding.

Davis said: “If these allegations end up being true, there is no chance that President Biden can stay in office. The House Republicans should open an impeachment inquiry right now, because if Joe Biden has proven in the past that he can use the highest office of the highest offices in the land, sell out America and put $5 million in his pocket, he cannot be prosperous.”

In discussing the delayed response by the FBI to pursue this, Posobiec said that as a former intelligence officer, “it’s very easy to look up this kind of stuff especially if you have the resources of the FBI. It seems to me that they didn't open an investigation into this. They've been protecting the Biden family and at the same time, they are going after Trump because he's been the one exposing this all along.”

“Their number one donor, their number one source of donations was from the oligarchs of Ukraine.”

Posobiec concluded that “this is not season one of the movie,” suggesting that this material has been out there for some time. 

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