Mayor Adams Makes History by Putting Criminals Before Constituents

On the Sidewalks of New York is a weekly feature at Human Events wherein Jacqueline Toboroff, a native New Yorker, will share her observations and candid commentary on the goings-on in our nation’s largest city. Wherever you live, and whatever you feel, there is no escaping the fact that New York City matters.

New York City Mayor Adams is the first public servant to ever go on record who puts criminals before constituents. 
Almost all Democrat elected officials, and frankly, many of the Republican ones, have siphoned money away from the American taxpayers and put it in the hands of illegals via various “budget” carve-outs and programs. But there has never been a policy of preferential treatment for criminals; it remains only obvious via their policies. Politicians still pretend to care about citizens paying their salaries. Discretionary spending is done quietly. Governor Hochul’s $220 billion dollar “budget” was pitched as “offering New Yorkers relief.”

Buried within the bloated spreadsheet is $220 million for “free” Medicaid for illegals.

In secrecy, Democrat governance works in overdrive, away from the public eye, to welcome illegals in the dead of night. Miranda Devine alerted us to a new airport no one knew about, and that officials never discussed; New York Stewart International Airport in the Hudson Valley was prepared to accommodate illegal overflow that the Westchester County Airport couldn’t satisfy. Trafficking humans is very expensive, and the taxpayers foot the bill to “reimagine” America.”
The point is: politicians have schemed to be discreet and deceitful. Up until now.

Adams is not discreet. He has laid down the gauntlet and told New York City residents to shove it. He’s planning to “cut back on basic services” so that taxpayers’ money can be spent on and for illegals.

Many in New York City wonder what services are left to cut. Adams has given us a clue. No, it’s not drag queen story time, CRT initiatives, expansion of government factotums, or climate crap that hasn’t fooled Mother Nature.

The NYPD is going to be targeted. Again. On account of an already $1 billion-dollar defunded NYPD and a woke DA that won’t prosecute and loses half of the cases he does, crime is up 31% year to date. Further defunding the NYPD seems like the logical choice for the one-party rule Democrats. 
Mayor Adams said, “Every service we provide is going to be impacted by the influx of migrants into our city. It’s going to impact education. It’s going to impact the dollars we use to clean our streets. It’s going to impact our public safety.” Wrap your head around this, because it’s not going to impact Adams' private security detail. 
Education is already broken. Each public school student costs taxpayers, with or without kids, $28,000 annually. Even those that pay through the nose for private school. The prize is being in the bottom half of the country for reading and writing. How will this cesspool of failure possibly bring New York City kids up to grade level? How can the educational complex successfully absorb illegals that likely don’t speak English and that have different cultural beliefs, chief amongst them, thinking that breaking the law is rewarding? 

As far as cleaning up our streets; taxpayers just foot the bill for a new “rat czar.”

The last part is interesting. If Adams were white, he’d be branded a racist; saying illegals pose a threat to safety merits this designation from the Democrats, who have given him a pass. 
$400 dollar per night hotel accommodations in midtown Manhattan, cell phones, clothes, food, supplies, school, Medicaid, legal aid, social services, cash, and jobs will be prioritized for illegals to the detriment of law-abiding New York City residents.

Adams hasn’t only told New York City residents they’re damned, he’s lashed out at others as he scrambles to find a way to fund the illegal nightmare after lashing out at Governor Abbott for refusing to finance them, along with the word salad of inhumanity. Now, Adams isn’t concerned about the law-abiding humanity of the illegals as he looks to get rid of them, shove them off upstate and out of sight. He’s demanded $1 billion dollars from Biden.

Biden is busy; he’s entertaining world leader Zelenskyy at the White House and attending a joint session of the lame-duck Congress, demanding more money, on top of the $130 billion he’s already received over nine months.

Maybe Adams should ask Zelenskyy for the money - after all, it is American taxpayers’ money.

Since April, 2022, Adams said more than 17,000 “asylum-seekers” have been bused to the city directly from the southern border. But things are about to get lively; MOIA (mayor's office of immigrant affairs) says once Title 42 expires, anywhere from nine to fifteen thousand illegals are to be expected--a day!
Good. This is how democracy works; you vote for a radical, and you get radical.  And no, Adams was never the “moderate” that the mainstream media falsely crowned him to be. He benefited from an unsurprisingly incurious journalist class that barely brought up his forward thinking of desiring non-citizens to vote, of which there were approximately 800,000 pre the illegal influx.
Finally, beyond parody, you might not get services, but you will get a mask. Adams wants you, not illegals, to revert back to the face diaper. “When COVID-19 hit New York City almost three years ago, New Yorkers looked out for each other and followed the advice of our health experts,” Adams said on December 20. The “experts” are obviously the ones that the FBI didn’t ban from Twitter.
“With the holiday season in full swing and cases of COVID-19, flu, and RSV rising, we are asking New Yorkers to protect themselves and their loved ones once again. Mask up, get tested, get treated if you’re eligible, and, if you haven’t gotten your flu shot or your COVID-19 booster, we encourage you to roll up your sleeve”, says Adams

No word on whether New York City’s perpetually empty tax-payer-funded COVID testing sites will be cut to appropriate the money to the illegals.


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