Georgia Election Official Admits Missing Chain of Custody Absentee Ballot Documents

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  • 03/02/2023

In a stunning new revelation from Georgia, a Fulton County election official admitted that chain of custody documents for absentee ballots placed into drop boxes during the 2020 election are “missing” or “misplaced.” 

“We noticed that a few forms are missing,” Mariska Bodison, the board secretary of Fulton County Registration & Elections, told the Georgia Star News last week. She added that procedural paperwork “may have been misplaced.” 

The Sar analyzed transfer forms of ballots deposited in drop boxes during the 2020 election, and found that 385 out of an estimated 1,565 transfer forms were missing. These are documents signed by ballot collection teams and indicate the date, time, location and number of ballots collected from each box. 

Bodison said the error occurred when 25 people were quarantined due to COVID-19, resulting in missing paperwork. 

“As we review the documents provided to you and our daily log.  We noticed that a few forms are missing, it seems when 25 plus core personnel were quarantined due to positive COVID-19 outbreak at the EPC, some procedural paperwork may have been misplaced,” Bodison said in a statement emailed on Wednesday, June 9.

This marks the first time that any election official from a critical battleground state has admitted to significant error in election procedures for the 2020 election. 

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