MSNBC Dials Up the Crazy

In the latest effort by the mainstream media to appease the progressive left, a guest on MSNBC suggested on live television that the republican party poses a bigger threat than some of the world’s most despicable terrorists. 

During a panel discussion on “The ReidOut,” former Lincoln Project adviser Kurt Bardella gave his thoughts on the transformation of the GOP. 

“I’ve been thinking to myself this whole time, you know, Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, The Taliban, the people who wanted to do harm to our nation and to our way of life and our democracy, they got nothing on what this republican party is doing,” Bardella said. 

“The idea that a member of their party, of their leadership, whose last name is Cheney, could be purged from their leadership for telling the truth about January 6th, for telling the truth about a violent insurrection that claimed the lives of a Capitol police officer,” he added. 

He continued, “The fact that they, people like Cheney won’t support the great lie that this election was rigged, or there was voter fraud. The anti-democratic forces are hijacking this party, purging one of the members who won’t abide by the party line. That is so detrimental and dangerous.” 

To no surprise, host Joy Reid said nothing to push back.

Simply delusional.