Liz Cheney Is Not the Future of the GOP.

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  • 03/02/2023

In the immediate aftermath of most tragedies, ordinary people usually find solace in prayer and reflection, and finding ways to help in any way they can. Politicians, however, are a different breed.

Right after the January 6th riots, Congressional Democrats and establishment Republicans used the tragedy that occurred at our Capitol to settle political scores, fundraise, and promote themselves on social media. The actions by these politicians have only further driven the nation apart. Blinded by their blind ambition and desire to gain more political capital, they’ve whipped their base into a frenzy and have turned Americans against each other.

Attacking a fellow Republican isn’t anything new for Cheney.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is one of the worst offenders of this type of political showmanship. Following the January 6th riots, Cheney and her measly gang of nine other House Republicans voted to impeach an outgoing President without a trial or opportunity for a public defense. It was the further erosion of our institutions and the continued slide towards a banana republic.

Given that President Trump had just a few days left in his presidency, voting to impeach him was more about making a statement than removing a president. Cheney was trying to say that Trump has no future as a leader of the country or the GOP. This isn't just a stance against President Trump. It's a stance against America First.


[caption id="attachment_185186" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]United States Congress. United States Congress.[/caption]


Attacking a fellow Republican isn’t anything new for Cheney. As the Conference Chair, the third highest-ranking House Republican, Cheney supported a primary challenge against Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie. Cheney's Cowboy PAC, the leadership political action committee of the Wyoming congresswoman, donated $2,500 on March 31 to Todd McMurtry, a lawyer who opposed Massie in the June 23 Republican primary in Kentucky’s 4th District. She chose to punish Massie after he attempted to make Congress do its job in March and force a vote on the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill.

[P]rioritizing our interests over that of multinational corporations, the military-industrial complex, or the DC swamp.

It’s incredibly ironic that someone like Cheney believes elected officials like Massie and Trump are doing irreversible damage to the Republican Party and the nation given her father’s record as Vice President. For those too young to remember, the Bush/Cheney Administration started a  war with Iraq based on a lie (not to mention the forever war in Afghanistan), said budget “deficits don’t matter,” turned a blind eye to a mounting opioid epidemic, and was asleep at the wheel in the run-up to the economic crisis.

Despite the violence and economic devastation this country and the world suffered in part because of Liz Cheney’s father, she somehow feels she is qualified to move the GOP forward.

She’s wrong.

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Cheney and the nine other House Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump are quickly learning that the GOP’s future runs through Trump’s ‘America First’ manifesto. As Tom Davis, the former Virginia congressman and past chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, pointed out, “The irony here is that Liz represents one of the most pro-Trump districts in the country," adding that, "It’s a real profile in courage for her—or tomfoolery, depending on your point of view.”

Establishment Republicans are desperate to put the Trump years behind them—along with President Trump's vision for this country. But the mission of the Republican Party should be to finish President Trump’s goal to ‘Make America Great Again,’ which includes:

  • Establishing an infrastructure program that rebuilds our rural and exurban communities.
  • Reforming our immigration system to admit immigrants based on merit.
  • Confront China.
  • Destroy the Mexican drug cartel.
  • Reduce our trade deficit.
  • Bring home our supply chains.
  • Complete the building of the border wall.
  • Stop nation-building abroad and bring home our troops.
  • Raise the working-class’ wages.
  • Create more transparency with the intelligence community.
  • Make it easier to hold Washington bureaucrats accountable.

This is the call of nationalism, prioritizing the American people, and prioritizing our interests over that of multinational corporations, the military-industrial complex, or the DC swamp.

Liz Cheney doesn’t believe in this shared vision because corporate giants, the military-industrial complex, and the DC swamp are her real constituents. There has never been a military conflict she has not supported, a lousy trade deal she has not championed, and, at a time when tens-of-millions of Americans are desperate to have an advocate in Washington, she remained silent.

The future of the GOP doesn’t resemble Cheney or her ilk. That future lies in the America First agenda that President Trump laid out in 2016, which we must carry and make our own.

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