KENNY CODY: The Left demonized Harrison Butker because they hate devout Christians

Recently, NFL Super Bowl Champion and Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker delivered a commencement address to Benedictine College, a Catholic university located in Kansas. In a testament to his Christian and socially conservative values, he credited the graduates for their hard work and wished them well in their post-collegiate careers and lives. He also shared insights on how both men and women from the college in the audience could succeed in their professional and personal lives. Butker, staying true to his beliefs, expressed his disagreement with several American societal issues, such as feminist roles, decline in masculinity, abortion, LGBTQ+ promotion, and DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusion) in the workforce. 

Of course, the cultural Marxist left and the mainstream media had an absolute field day, twisting the words of Butker to paint him not only as a misogynist but as a bigoted anti-Semite who wanted to force women to stay at home instead of be in the workplace. Of course, that is not at all what Butker said. He mainly gave credit to his wife as a mother and life partner, saying that neither he nor his family would be able to accomplish the things they had if it were not for her stepping up for him and his household. Butker stated, "I'm on the stage today and able to be the man I am because I have a wife who leans into her vocation...and embraces one of the most important titles of all: homemaker." 

Out of all the proclamations Butker made during his address, his statements about womanhood and the female roles of a mother seemed to be the least controversial on the speech's face. Butker painted President Joe Biden as a fake Christian who masquerades as a Catholic while using the cross to promote the pro-choice movement. He painted the LGBT community's pride month as a "deadly sin" and critiqued its perpetual promotion in American culture. He took aim at leadership in the United States and their overbearing COVID-19 lockdowns. 

For some reason, though, the media have turned his advocacy for femininity, motherhood, and the nuclear family into some dog whistle that would awaken a deep-seated female hatred from the American public. The media called chiefs' players, Butker's sponsors, and even the National Football League to denounce his comments as wrong, evil, and out of tune with their values. Like all corporate structures and their lackeys, every one of them bowed down to the cultural pressure forced upon them by the Left, signaling that Butker would forever be painted as a women-hating, racist bigot who had no place to speak about his views on society or his role within it.

Many who have paid attention to this story need to realize that Harrison Butker's speech was likely planned to be targeted due to his uprising in speaking out on political and societal issues over the last couple of years. In 2023, Butker gave another commencement address to Georgia Institute of Technology, his alma mater, and expressed wanting school graduates to "get married and start a family." Earlier that year, as well, Butker wore a pro-life tie to the White House during the recognition of the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory in public defiance of Joe Biden's position on abortion. 

Butker's address was not his first political or cultural commentary. He held this position as a Christian and social conservative. The mainstream media's timed targeting of him was intentional in a world where all conservatives are getting labeled as fascist theocrats, and the definition of what a woman is remains a topic of discourse between the Left and the Right.

The hatred of Christians and their conservative positions continues to be a concentration the left hones in on. Whether it be their view of abortion, rejection of LGBT inclusion, or embrace of actual feminine and masculine values, Christian conservatives like Harrison Butker will always be in the crosshairs of progressives. 

Butker represents what all those who hold similar beliefs should be like. He was unashamed of his values and faith and objectively outspoken when addressing the known evils our government and society have continued to embrace. Harrison Butker's bravery should be admired, not admonished, and his willingness to be targeted is the beacon for what all conservatives should aspire to be.

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