Jack Posobiec predicts the pride flag will replace Christian imagery in Warsaw, Poland

On Thursday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec predicted that pride flags would hang in place of crosses in Poland after the mayor of Warsaw banned Christian imagery and religious symbols from the city hall and mandated officials respect same-sex couples and use preferred pronouns.

"The current globalist-empowered government has gotten their hooks into Warsaw," the host said. "You're taking down the symbol of the cross, the symbol of the Catholic faith, where 99% of Poles are Catholic. This is the country of John Paul II."

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"And what are they going to replace it with? They are going to replace it with the pride flag," Posobiec continued. He added that the pride flag is only about the LGBTQ movement on the surface and really represents "the flag of the new empire."

"Symbols have power. And this is why the globalists will not allow, just like the communists of the past, they will not allow the people to believe in any other religion. Your religion must be their religion, your crosses must be taken down and removed. Your rosaries must be incinerated and you will not be allowed to pray. Your churches will be burned. Your cities will be burned if you go along."

"And you can only acquiesce to their belief and their religion. Are you gonna take that folks, or are you going to stand up and fight for our beliefs and our religion?" Posobiec concluded.

Watch the full episode below.

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