JACK POSOBIEC: Globalists want to use Poland as 'eastern flank of NATO' to escalate the war in Ukraine

Jack Posobiec provided a high-level look at the tensions and corruption Poland is currently facing on Human Events Daily Wednesday after two right-wing MPs and "anti-communist fighters" were arrested under globalist Donald Tusk's government despite them having been pardoned by President Andrzej Duda.

This incident, which Posobiec called out as a "globalist coup that we have witnessed over the past 24 hours," has fanned the flames of an already tense feud between the two leaders, with Duda aligning with the freedom-fighting nationalist PiS party of Poland.

Globalists such as Tusk are "cracking down" in Poland, Posobiec explained, because it is "the eastern flank of NATO."

"Globalist Donald Tusk became the Prime Minister even though he didn't win the election of 2023," he stated. "The globalists are on the march because they're getting desperate. They're escalating things because they have lost their soft power and they're going mask off."

It is for this reason, Posobiec said, that Leftists are "trying to commit voter fraud here in the United States, even before the election begins, by stripping Trump off the ballot. They're going to steal the election before the election even begins."

"Why do we care about Poland?" he asked.

"Poland is the eastern flank of NATO because the Ukrainian war has turned into a complete debacle for Zelensky and for the Ukrainian military," Posobiec explained. The globalists have lost there, NATO has lost there."

Poland, he said, is "next up," as "the iron law of woke projection wins yet again."

Globalists like Tusk "want to crack down on dissent and use Poland and the Polish people as a place to escalate and expand the war in Ukraine."

Speaking of the arrests Posobiec added, "They're locking up anyone in parliament that isn't fully on board with their agenda."

"I thank God that there's Polish patriots running around out there," he concluded, "but you must rise up peacefully and you must be wary for provocations, federal plants, communists coming in and trying to pull the Ray Epps fedsurrrection playbook on you today and tomorrow as the Polish patriots take to the streets to protest the political prisoners that have been taken.

"Look folks, we got a lot going on but I'll tell you right now, we are in the weeks where decades happen. We are winning. We are ascendant God is ascendant, Christ is ascendant and we will meet them on the field of spiritual warfare."

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