Warsaw mayor bans Christian imagery, religious symbols from government building

Religious symbols have been banned from Warsaw's city hall by its mayor, marking the first Polish city to do so. Crosses will no longer be allowed to hang on walls according to a new set of documented rules, which was a common sight in state offices in Poland. Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski also included in the new rules that officials must respect same-sex couples and preferred pronouns.

“Warsaw is the first city in Poland to adopt such a document,” Monika Beuth, the spokeswoman for the mayor told Gazeta Wyborcza, the first local outlet to report the news.

General religious symbols will not be disallowed on desks as well, however the ban will not apply to “religious symbols for personal use worn by people working in the office, for example in the form of a chain, tattoo or armband." Events held by the city hall will not be allowed to include prayer of any type moving forward.

“In office buildings accessible to outsiders and during events organized by the office, no symbols related to a specific religion or denomination are displayed in the space (e.g. on walls, on desks),” the order read.

While same-sex relationships are not legally recognized under current Polish law, the order states that "A person may authorize a same-sex partner to collect documents on his or her behalf or to contact the school, psychological and pedagogical counseling center or other institution regarding the child."

“In the case of a transgender person whose appearance may differ from stereotypical ideas related to gender recorded in official documents, address him or her with the name or gender pronouns that he or she indicates," it continues.

The document states that all staff will be required to complete mandated diversity training and that continued training will be available to all staff, which employees will be "encouraged" to partake in.

Further language will be dictated, according to the new set of rules. Instead of "victim of violence," staff should say a “person experiencing violence” and instead of "mentally ill," they should say "a person in a mental health crisis." They are encouraged "whenever possible to try to use gender-neutral terms."

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