JACK POSOBIEC: Poland is a test run for globalist totalitarianism

I’d like you to imagine the following scenario: say, for the sake of argument, at the tail end of a Republican administration, two members of Congress were convicted, by a DC jury, of some offense which they hotly denied committing. The sitting Republican President pardoned them, and we all moved on.

However, then imagine that the instant Congress went Democratic again, over a decade later, the Democratic Speaker of the House appealed the President’s pardon to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), claiming the appeal was inherently illegitimate on procedural grounds. And imagine, somehow, that SCOTUS agreed with this and reinstated the prison sentences for both members of Congress, even though they were still serving in office. And then, after these two “convicts” sheltered at the White House (with the President’s consent), imagine that this same Democratic Speaker of the House threatened to lay siege to the White House itself in order to arrest them. And oh, just in case this scenario wasn’t threatening enough, imagine the Democratic house majority was also able to somehow order Fox News to go out of business, and fire all its executives because they weren’t “impartial” enough.

Have you imagined it? Well, what if I told you that this isn’t a hypothetical scenario? It’s happening. Right now. And before the “muh principles” crowd shout back “but Poso it can’t be, that’s unconstitutional,” yeah, they’re right. Because it isn’t happening here.

It’s happening in Poland, the land of my ancestors.

You see, ever since Poland's longstanding conservative government lost power to a liberal-centrist coalition (despite winning the most votes), its new globalist Prime Minister Donald Tusk (the puppet) has been doing his utmost to protect “democracy” by utterly denying the protection of democratic norms to the people who oppose him. This has involved not only the attempt to imprison two sitting members of Parliament from the opposition right-wing party on the flimsy pretext that their pardons for crimes – pardons granted almost ten years ago – weren’t legitimately granted, but also the shuttering of media sources which align with reigning nationalist President Andrzej Duda’s PiS party, and accusations that Duda himself was committing “obstruction of justice” (to bust out an old James Comey classic) by sheltering two officials from a transparent attempt to take political prisoners.

In short, what’s happening in Poland is a globalist power grab which only avoids being a naked globalist power grab because it has cloaked itself in the ratty mantle of sham justice. And, thank God, both the Polish people and their President have noticed.

Protests have broken out already, led by patriots waving a sea of Polish flags and chanting “God. Honor. Fatherland!”

Many, including both Duda himself and Mariusz Kaminski (one of the political prisoners in question) have raised the specter of the Tusk government imitating the repressive tactics of Poland’s past communist government. As Kaminski himself put it, “a somber dictatorship is being formed.”

Even US Senator JD Vance (R-OH) has weighed in, both with a letter to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, demanding to know why the Biden administration has stayed silent on Poland’s repressive tactics toward media freedom, and on X (formerly Twitter), where Vance called the actions of the Polish government an “actual assault on democracy.” Just so.

To say that Tusk’s goons are not taking this well is putting it mildly. Disgraced ex-intelligence official Piotr Pytel has already attacked both President Trump and your humble correspondent as being in the pockets of Russia. He has been backed up by Marek Weiss, a “follower of rational humanism” (Reddit called; it wants its cringe back), who writes, “Russian propaganda and the Trumpists subordinated to it are a serious threat to world peace. Posobiec should be held accountable for this nonsense.”

Given that I am currently on the Ukrainian government’s assassination list, I leave it for the reader to imagine what he means when he says I should be “held accountable.”

However, in the absence of being “held accountable” for telling the truth, let me try to tell a little more: Do you see what my scary, allegedly Russian words are supposedly a threat to? “World peace.” Not democracy. Not sovereignty. Not (perish the thought) freedom. World peace. Which, to me, sounds like another way to say “globalist utopia.” Or, to be more pointed, “the end of history.”

The fact is, and I barely have to say this, it’s so obvious, but what Tusk is doing in Poland, and what globalists are doing everywhere they get power, is not about “democracy,” or “accountability,” or “social justice,” or whatever brain fart their pet PR firms cooked up to justify their authoritarianism. What it is about – what it has always been about – is forcing history to end with them in charge. Tusk’s invocation of “impartiality” as he shutters opposition media is about the same thing: an attempt to render the assumptions of neoliberal globalism beyond question and above politics itself. Because at bottom, they don’t want politics to exist; it’s messy, and permits people with different moral visions and different interests to compete on an even playing field with their globalist mandarin “betters,” who already know what is moral and what isn’t, and if you dare to ask how, well, it’s not their job to educate you, peasant. Which is, itself, just another way of admitting that they don’t actually know why their vision is better than all the others, and therefore resent the necessity of having to persuade anyone, because they aren’t even sure how to persuade themselves. All they are sure of is that they want power, if only so that you can’t have it.

And, while it grieves and angers me that Poland has fallen into the clutches of these up-jumped moral idiots, the fact that resistance against them has been so quick to materialize, not merely in Poland, but even among American Poles on the streets of New York, gives me hope that their reign as our self-appointed oracles of morality and justice has never been more precarious. I only pray that, just as President Duda is standing against the globalist long march in Poland, soon Americans will have a champion like him – namely, Donald J. Trump -- as president.

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