MARK IVANYO: Trump's 'retribution' is morally and legally necessary

It is a national disgrace that Biden has not yet been held to account for his numerous crimes, while President Trump faces 91 baseless criminal charges. The reason for this is clear. President Trump is seen by the corrupt establishment swamp as the greatest threat to business-as-usual in Washington. They will stop at nothing to remove him from the political landscape, as he champions the will of the American people.

During his first term, in the spirit of reconciliation and unity, President Trump chose not to prosecute Hillary Clinton, and instead let her live in disgrace as a national punchline following her defeat. Although he did this with the most noble of intentions, it was not reciprocated from the permanent national intelligence state that saw his victory as something that must be undermined and reversed at all costs.

Before his inauguration, Trump was besieged by a multi-faceted conspiracy hidden in plain sight, first, to frame him as a Russian asset, and if that failed, put the infrastructure in place that made it literally impossible for him to win re-election, as an avalanche of mail-in ballots delivered by a network of well-financed and well-trained mules that were discovered after voting was halted in unison on election night proved.

Trump now must do the same, building infrastructure and a workable plan that can be enacted Day 1 that will enact the same type of pain and misery on Democrats. It begins with the lowest hanging fruit (or perhaps vegetable in this case) with Joe Biden. Conservative legal minds must be working tirelessly right now to explore every rationale needed to ensure Biden is prosecuted and convicted for his crimes.

Somehow, I don’t expect the armies of lawyers in Washington D.C. think tank circles, who are paid mostly to write white papers justifying larger profits for the corporate elite, will be up for this task. It will instead take legal minds from outside of the Beltway to take the lead. Fresh blood, cultivated from the productive sectors of the economy who have not lost touch with their roots, must be tapped by President Trump to ensure that the monumental task is finished. Because as his first term showed, the permanent forces that exert shadow control will stop at nothing to undermine the MAGA agenda.

We must have our own networks that are constructing the roadmap to ensure that Biden and his lieutenants are brought to justice as expediently as possible. They deserve above all else the Constitutional right to a speedy trial. It must be, to borrow the parlance from the Obama-era scheme to run guns to criminal narco gangs of foreigners, fast and furious. It must be a legal bombardment without historical precedent. This is the leadership that the American people demand, and they will move mountains in order to bring it to fruition.

Democrats – in their frenzied push to convict Trump of any crime and keep him off the ballot – have given Republicans a blueprint of lawfare that they need to take. Whether it is judge shopping or calling on allied Attorney Generals, state-level prosecutors and district attorneys to do the heavy lifting. All avenues must be exhausted in order to put Biden behind bars, and then have many other corrupt liberals follow him. As a licensed attorney in Houston, TX, I will lead by example and look forward to contributing to the body of scholarship needed for this endeavor.

Even if Trump is found to be legally immune by the courts, there will still be much that can be done to Biden and his family that is well within the bounds of the law. Putting the Democrat political machine to the test, forcing them to expend a great deal of resources fighting legal cases from the DOJ, is a victory in and of itself. The more time and energy they are forced to use to fight these cases, the less time for their various schemes, such as weakening election integrity protections, securing asylum for combat-ready illegal aliens, and promoting civil rights for minor-attracted persons.

When Trump proclaims he will be the living embodiment of retribution in the White House, it is not a personal vendetta he is avenging. He represents the collective vengeance of what is left of the American nation, the ordinary patriots who being robbed of their birthright with everything including the planned border invasion, the cruel Soviet-style legal abuses waged against Jan. 6 protesters and faithless electors, selling the country out to China, and endless inflation. These are what the Founding Fathers would have referred to as “intolerable acts” and paved the way for their revolt.

Trump’s electoral mandate is to put Democrat subverters, infiltrators, oppressors and miscreants behind bars – no matter what it takes. It begins with the man at the top. Biden and his entire family have done little to hide their criminal activities. Because of their years at the top of government, they have been brazen in their corrupt acts. All means must be exhausted to make an example of Biden, and then watch the dominos fall, as justice is returned to the Republic through Trump’s righteous hands of vengeance.

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