EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Taylor Marshall says Pope, 'enemies of God' use incremental strategy to usher in same-sex blessings, female deacons in Catholic Church

As the Synod on Synodality is taking place in the Vatican, Jack Posobiec hosted Dr. Taylor Marshall to shed light on the boundaries being pushed by Pope Francis at the meeting.

Posobiec began by asking Marshall to elaborate on the implications of the ordinance of female deacons, which is being considered at the three-week event.

Marshall explained that deacons were first created by the church to “assist the Apostles in the ministry,” almost like “understudies” or “assistants.”

“They don't hear confessions, they don't say mass, but they are there at Mass helping the priest and in his parish ministry.”

He noted that the methodology of Liberalism is asserting changes incrementally and exemplified the pope not instantaneously allowing a female pope, but first starting with altar girls. “And then we'll have women as Eucharistic ministers and women as electors and readers. And then we'll have women as deacons,” which is what the synod is currently deciding on.

“Then we'll do women as priest, then women as bishop, and then we'll have women as Pope,” he said. “That’s the incremental strategy.”

He stated that the incremental approach is what “the enemies of God have gone for” the past century.

Marshall shifted focus to the pope insinuating he is open to blessing same-sex couples, which is being discussed during the Synod on Synodality, noting it’s the same type of incrementalism.

He reported that in the last couple of days, Pope Francis said that more than one person could be blessed at the same time, “which in a way just opens the door for there to be a same-sex blessing in a church,” but avoids outright blessing the same-sex union.

“You could go ahead and throw flowers on the altar and send out invites and, you know, make it look exactly like a marriage. But then you could say, well, it's not actually a marriage. We're just doing the blessing.”

Posobiec inquired to Marshall about the origins of the Catholic rules around same-sex marriages and asked him to elaborate on why they are in place for the audience.

Because human sexuality is so powerful, it is so sacred there are these rules upon it,” he responded. “And the primary purpose of matrimony is procreation. And homosexuality, or you could even say, any kind of sexual aberration is not open to that human life.”

He concluded, “And that's why the Catholic Church has this prohibition on it … it goes back to the way God designed humanity as male and female. And we have these very important rules governing us. Why? For the benefit of human society. We don't want fatherless or motherless children.”

Posobiec agreed that “the things that God prescribes for us as sinful are things that are actually bad for you in life.”

Image: Title: Poso Marshall