Former UK teacher charged after having student's baby while on bail for alleged sex acts with another minor student

A now-former high school math teacher from Manchester, England is facing numerous charges after being impregnated by a student while on bail for allegedly having sex with another underage pupil.

Rebecca Joynes, 30, has denied having sex with the first boy, and claimed that she only had sex with the
boy who fathered her child after he had turned 16.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Joynes has denied two counts of sexual activity with the first boy, as well as two counts of sexual activity and two counts of sexual activity while being a person in a position of trust with the second boy.

Joynes admitted to the jury at Manchester Crown Court that the first boy was being "flirtatious" in class, and often called her "sexy." He asked for her number on numerous occasions, and after a while, she gave him the first nine digits. When he correctly guessed the tenth, they chatted via messenger then Snapchat.

The pair went out to a local mall where she bought him a $400 Gucci belt, then back to her place. Though his DNA was found on her bedsheets, she denied that they had had sex.

After being informed by school administrators that she was under investigation a few days later, Joynes said she went to the second boy in a "panic." She was arrested, but allowed out on bail under the condition that she refrain from contacting minors unless supervised.

The two had been friends, but that quickly escalated and, she claimed, one day he texted her "I've left school now" with a winking emoji.

Upon finding out that she'd been fired, he came to her place and they had sex. The ensuing relationship, she noted, was "toxic," but it continued for some time.

Joynes eventually became pregnant, and informed the teen that he was the father, however she did not reveal what his reaction had been.

She did note, however, that 24 hours after giving birth in January, an emergency court hearing determined that the baby girl had to be "taken away" from her. Joynes noted that she now gets to see the child three times per week for three hours.

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