EXCLUSIVE: Survivor of China's Cultural Revolution says young people were indoctrinated into 'activism' for communism—and it could happen in the US

Jack Posobiec hosted very special guest Xi Van Fleet, Author of Mao's America – A Survivor's Warning, on Human Events Daily Wednesday. Van Fleet lived in China until she was 26 years old and under Mao's Marxist rule and the Cultural Revolution during her school years.

She described how she witnessed the revolution firsthand for 10 years before being sent to the "countryside" of China by Mao himself and was only able to get her college education after the People's Republic of China founder died.

She was finally able to move to America in 1986 to pursue her graduate education but remained, for the most part, politically neutral until 2020.

"That's the time I knew I had to speak out to save this country," Van Fleet said, noting that she then went viral after delivering a powerful speech against Critical Race Theory in front of the Loudon County school board in Virginia.

Now, she said, she speaks out against indoctrination that she has seen infiltrating the US since 2020 and draws parallels to Communist China, warning Americans of what is at stake.

In summation, Mao conducted a "revolution within a revolution," as Posobiec stated, in which he was able to gain power over the CCP, which he helped create, after China saw Mao's own government's policies failing. This was enforced by the Chinese youth which Mao called the "Red Guard."

She warned that the Cultural Revolution happened "overnight" and that suddenly struggle sessions were happening where the Red Guard went after teachers and principals specifically.

"The teachers and the principals and every one of the principals in China without exception, had to go through the struggle session," Van Fleet said. "Some were killed right on the spot, and I just talked to a friend of mine, she witnessed the Red Guards put human feces into a professor's mouth and forced him to eat it. And that's how barbaric that went."

She explained that the kids in the Red Guard had been carefully indoctrinated for most of their life through Mao's government schools.

"They knew nothing. They were never taught real history. The only thing they know is that they are the children of the party and Mao was our real parent," Van Fleet said. "And so we were supposed to be revolutionaries. Just like today, the kids, they want to be activists."

She witnessed the destruction of statues and churches and Mao's version of "cancel culture."

Recounting what she witnessed, she said, "the first one to die in the hands of the Red Guards was a principal killed by her students, a bunch of young girls from 12 to 16 years old," purely out of loyalty to Mao.

"What makes them hate their principals and teachers that much, they want to kill?" Van Fleet asked. "What happened is indoctrination," she said, adding, "because the party told them [to]."

"And we see it's happening here. The hatred is calling someone 'orange man bad, evil,' and then that's enough for them to have that kind of hatred ... anything they can do is okay because this is the enemy of the state."

She reiterated how in the US today, if some labels themselves as "MAGA," they are seen as the "enemy of the state" under the Biden regime. Now, however, the struggle sessions take place online, she said.

Watch the full episode below.

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