EXCLUSIVE: Michigan Rep Josh Schriver reveals he was censured by Speaker Joe Tate because he 'doesn't feel safe' after great replacement repost

On Thursday's episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec hosted Michigan State Representative Josh Schriver who was censured and stripped of his committee post and staff after retweeting Posobiec's post of a meme portraying "the great replacement."

Schriver simply shared the post with a graph emoji.

Posobiec asked Schriver what resonated with him from his post which essentially called out the threat of mass migration and open borders.

"I was alluding to the fact that our demographics are being shifted in an intentional manner to change our demographics and essentially secure power for the current regime," Schriver said, adding that, "there's numerous instances of Democrats talking about replacement migration, its effects, the demographic changes" and "how that essentially changes the identity of the country, the voting blocs and the ruling class."

Posobiec played a clip backing up Schriver's statement in which Nancy Pelosi, CNN, Anderson Cooper and MSNBC referenced the replacement theory and even applauded it as "an exciting transformation of the country."

Yet when Posobiec tweeted about it, he was criticized by leftists who said the great replacement theory "was a fringe conspiracy theory that it's not happening, that it's not true."

"It's no coincidence that you and Tucker and Vivek and Trump and me have been talking about this. There is an intentional move for this."

Schriver even received comments that his re-share was "violent." Ironic, given that Detroit, Michigan is the 23rd deadliest city in the US and not because of tweets or ideas, as Posobiec highlighted.

"I've been told by Speaker Tate that the reason why he is punishing me and disenfranchising all 90,000 constituents in my district is because he doesn't feel safe with me," Schriver revealed.

Despite having a personal relationship with Schriver, Joe Tate "never thought to seek clarification, he went straight to the press, and he turned this into something."

"This is a way for them to steal 15 electoral votes from Donald Trump in 2024," he stated.

Despite his censure, Schriver said he will continue working on bills across every sector and explaining every single vote he makes and why.

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