OLIVER GHORBANIFAR: Tucker Carlson is right to talk to Putin

Tucker Carlson has finally crossed the ultimate line as far as the U.S. deep state is concerned. 

He’s now gone rogue and done the unthinkable: he’s committed an unacceptable act of real journalism.

Which is exactly what Carlson’s trip to Moscow and his bombshell interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin amounts to, and it is for that reason why he is the hero Americans need right now. 

Of course, we have been told by the usual suspects in the mainstream media that, not only is Tucker’s trip to Moscow unacceptable, but that it is also, somehow an ‘un-American’ act of treason. 

Naturally, these also happen to be the same people who sold the American people the Iraq and Afghan wars, ruined countless lives through a brutal regime of mask and vaccine enforcement, have overseen a massive spike in inflation, and believe spreading gender ideology in Uganda is significantly more important than securing our own southern border even as it buckles under the wave of a tsunami of illegal migrants. 

The very same people who have cheered on as hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian sons, brothers, husbands and fathers have been futile sent to their deaths in the battlefields of eastern Ukraine on the whim of a unstable former (and still current) performer who has canceled elections in his country while openly persecuting christians and arresting and murdering his critics. 

A list of victims which has even included an American citizen, an outrage, it should be noted, President Biden decided to completely ignore as though it had never happened.

Did I mention this very same regime has extensive and well documented ties to extreme neo-nazis, many of whom run its military industrial complex?

Oh, and we’ve also been giving this very same government, of one Volodymyr Zelenskyy, hundreds of billions of dollars in financial and military aid (in addition to vast sums also given to him by the globalist eurocrats in Brussels and London). 

This is the government we are told, by the unhinged liberal activists in the media, which we must never dare to question or criticize.

Hence why Carlson’s decision to go to Moscow and actually talk to Vladimir Putin (something no western journalist has dared to do since the outbreak of hostilities in February 2022) has caused so many liberal and neocon talking heads to explode with rage.

Not only is Tucker’s move exposing just how bad they are at their jobs but it also may expose millions of Americans to realities which do not conform to the simplistic narratives they have been bullying and cajoling normal Americans into believing about the war in Ukraine for the past two years.

It could even cause many to start asking questions like: why exactly must normal Americans view Russia as their eternal enemy? 

Could it be because their leadership isn’t interested in cowtowing to the deranged machinations of globalist elites and instead has decided to pursue policies in line with the actual interests of their own people? Interests which don’t happen to involve teaching gender ideology in their elementary schools or turning their country into a borderless free trade zone, much to the disappointment of spiteful wine aunts and nonbinary social media warriors the world over.

Or perhaps the liberals and neocons are right after all and Putin is actually the epitome of evil in the 21st century, and is busy scheming the next move in his world domination playbook from the comfort of his evil volcano lair deep in the Ural mountains, stopping periodically to let out a maniacal laugh.

But even if this is the case, don’t the American people have the right to hear and see it for themselves?

Instead of being blindly force-fed a cartoonish narrative by the very same people who have been wrong about literally everything for the past twenty years?

The answer: yes they do.

 And it is for this reason that Tucker deserves our thanks and gratitude for a job well done.

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