UK women's rights group protests 'Pride Pillar' at London Bridge rail station

A group of women's activists from Let Women Speak gathered around London's Network Rail "Pride Pillar" at London Bridge Friday to protest the display of a trans flag that left biological women "feeling unsafe and excluded."

The flag was unveiled Sunday by Network Rail, the company that owns and maintains much of Britain's railways, and immediately drew criticism for breaking its "no political posters rule," Daily Mail reports. It had previously removed an "I love JK Rowling" poster from its Edinburgh Waverley station for being "too political."

In a statement, the railway said: “The poster in question is against our code of acceptance for advertising in our stations owing to its political nature. "We do not allow advertising that is likely to support or promote one viewpoint over another."

The protesters and self-proclaimed "TERFs" came equipped Friday with signs reading "I [heart] JK ROWLING" and "KEEP MEN OUT OF WOMEN'S CHANGING ROOMS."

Other signs displayed the definition of a woman: "an adult human female". Stickers with these definitions were handed out and placed on 

A woman with a shirt reading "LESBIAN STRENGTH" provided a megaphone for protesters to speak their minds.

The official X account for Let Women Speak reported that the Rail had sent police to break up their protest.

Certain X users, unpleased with the protest, said that they would next time "start organising waterfights at the same location and days" and that they should use a "sulfuric acid squirt gun."

However much of the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, calling the group "sheroes" and "modern suffragettes."


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