Zelensky criticizes those who told him 'don't escalate' tensions with Russia at WEF annual meeting in Davos

Ukrainian president Volodymir Zelensky appeared in person at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday to reiterate his hatred for "mad" Vladimir Putin, condemn anyone who had advised him not to escalate tensions with Russia and try to once again rally support around his country.

"One man has stolen at least 13 years of peace, replacing them with pain and crisis that impact the entire world," Zelensky stated.

He said that Putin is trying to "normalize" endless war, that he "embodies war" and "madness resides in [his] head."

"He enjoys conflicts that cause suffering to others."

He said that Ukraine is the "opportunity for a catastrophe to be stopped" and that everyone in "the free world" must stand in support of this notion "just as Putin is about his doom-laden ambitions."

Zelensky repeatedly complained about previous times he was told not to escalate tensions with Russia and claimed that nothing has harmed Ukraine more than those calls.

He later declared that Ukraine must achieve "air superiority" like they "gained superior priority at the Black Sea" which he find plausible so long as they receive weapons in the amounts needed.

He reported that the Ukraine military had successfully struck down a Russian military aircraft on Sunday.

He thanked "partners" who have imposed sanctions on Russia but said that peace would be "the reward for all those who care to ensure that sanctions work 100 percent."

"Putin loves money above all. The more billions he and his oligarchs, friends, and accomplices lose, the more likely he will regret starting this war."

Zelensky announced that he will not settle for a "frozen war" with Russia as it may "reignite" at a later time.

"We can beat [Putin] on the ground, we have proved it," he claimed.

He reported that the country's GDP had increased over 5 percent since last year despite the war.

"Every investment in the confidence of the defender," he said, speaking of Ukraine, "shortens the war."

Zelensky called on those in attendance to help bring peace to and restore Ukraine. He had met with the president of Switzerland the day before where they had discussed organizing a global peace summit for Ukraine which Zelensky invited all country leaders at WEF "that respects peace and international law" to join.


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